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Jan 14, 2010 10:34 AM

Rolly Rockets BBQ in Hamilton

To my hammertown hounds

has anyone tried Rolly Rockets BBQ on King/Locke. They have the look/esthetic of a great BBQ
joint but I haven't taken the plunge. any recs?

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  1. Have eaten there twice - food is very tasty, good portions, friendly atmosphere. They often have live music during the evening. So far the only drawback is limited menu choice, which comes with the slow cooked theme. Both times I have been I couldn't get what I wanted because they were either out or it was still cooking. Rolly's dishes take 5-12 hours to cook. But if they have something you like, you'll leave full.

    1. I've also eaten there twice (in the same weekend no less).
      I've been seeking a replacement BBQ joint since Toronto's Cluck, Grunt, and Low shut down, and have now found it! I haven't same the same problem as the person above w/regards to availability-- been lucky, I guess...
      I've tried the pulled pork sandwich, baby back ribs, fries, sweet potato fries, and cornbread.
      Baby back ribs and cornbread are my fave items so far.
      The pulled pork sandwich is also delicious, and is actually 3 slider-size 'wiches, so great for sharing or for taking home leftovers.
      The fries are not amazing, but who wants to waste stomach space on fries anyway? They're not bad, just not to the same standard as the other menu items.

      1. I was in Hamilton today and drove by this place and pulled over as quickly as I could to try it... I vaguely recalled seeing a thread about a BBQ place in Hamilton but forgot about it until I saw the sign.

        The place is nothing fancy at all.. VERY basic... picnic tables in rows covered in checkered plastic table cloth. All the lights were off in the eating area (although natural light was coming through). They had a bunch of plasma's showing World Cup soccer.

        I ordered at the counter and paid then food was delivered to my table when it was ready. I was there around 12:30 today and the wait seemed a little bit long but I was very pleased with the food. Had a half rack of the baby back ribs which came with a side of coleslaw, baked beans, and corn bread. I got a side order of sweet potatoes...

        Here is the menu I took a copy of :

        Some other people came later and tried to order chicken. They were told no chicken for 2 hours... They tried to order soup... no soup... they said they are taking the soup off the menu...

        I would recommend the place if in the neighbourhood.

        1. I'm a little bit addicted to Rolly Rockets (and I don't usually eat meat). The pulled pork, chicken and beef brisket rockets are all delicious, and the sweet potato fries are sooo yummy, if a bit mushy. And despite the bar vibe they actually welcome kids (although I'm sure this isn't true later on in the evening). The helpings are big, they often have live music, and its a great place to catch a game on TV (if you are so inclined).

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            And they show the UFC too.. So you can get way better-than-average pub food while watching the fights

          2. Was in Hamilton and stopped by Rolly Rockets today between lunch and dinner for a bit to eat and ordered the pull pork sandwich with sweet potatoes fries. Liked the way in which it was severed, 3 tiny buns, each enough for 3-4 bites or so, looked rather nice on the plate. Also on the plate was a very small container with mayo base Coleslaw, beans, and it also comes with cornbread, which I asked not to have on the plate, I have severe allergies to corn and corn products (which suck, over 60% of all processed foods have corn in them!!).

            The meat was not reheated in a microwave thank god, which meant that the texture was chewy. There was no BBQ sauce on the little sandwiches’, however, different BBQ sauces are served. I believe that the difference between them is heat; I tried the hot BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce is different that what I’m used to eating with Pulled pork. Usually the BBQ sauce is made from with a tomato base, very sweet with some spice. This BBQ sauce has nothing in common with traditional BBQ sauces that I have had over the years. There seems to be a great deal of Worcestershire sauce or even Tamarind in the sauce. I did like the sauce I’m just used to the sweeter Kansas City style, I guess I’ll need to try it on there ribs.

            The pulled pork was not very smoky even though they use Mesquite wood. There was some smoke flavour; I just like lots of smoke flavour. There was no sauce or coleslaw on the sandwiches. I had the fist one just as it was presented to me. Then on the second I put some Coleslaw atop and finally for the 3rd I put some coleslaw and BBQ sauce on. All the sandwiches was rather good overall. I much prefer both BBQ sauce and coleslaw on my pulled pork sandwich. I would not hesitate for a second to return for pulled pork.

            Sweet potato fries where good and served with a small container of mayo. Was not a big fan on the little amount of beans that where served with the sandwich. I prefer sweet beans with some bacon and/or pulled pork cooked in the beans. I know that I’m eating pulled pork and could have put some in the beans, but it is not the same as cooking the beans with some meat.

            Unsure how long they have been open, but if I not mistaken, in the past this used to be an old style bar. You know the kind that had a side for men and side for women. Anyway, it has change a great deal since then; they still serve beer but now it is one big room that has 7-10 picnic tables throughout the place. There are a few TV’s on the walls. They also have live music 3-4 times a week. I don’t think that at night it would be good for family dinning. I believe it is more like a BBQ-Roadhouse type of place.

            Will return the next time I’m in Hamilton and looking forward to trying the ribs.