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Sichuan Gourmet Framingham- Food recs?

Looking for some interesting and delicious food recommendations at Sichuan Gourmet

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  1. dan dan noodles
    cucumber with garlic in chili oil
    double cooked pork belly

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    1. re: galangatron

      I think they call it "bacon" there rather then "pork belly"

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        Tried that cucumber with garlic last week for the first time - a really amazing dish, and I generally avoid anything remotely healthy. One of those "sum equaling more than the total of its parts" kind of dishes.

      2. Our Favorites:
        Hot & Sour Wonton soup
        Dan Dan Noodles
        Sichuan wonton with chili sauce (same as the wontons in the soup)
        diced chicken with chili sauce
        Fish with Napa cabbage in spice chili sauce
        sichuan style meatball

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            I constantly crave the woodear mushroom with chilis dish. It is a cold appetizer and just a great refreshing way to start the meal and get your palate ready for the heat.

            1. re: iloveporkbelly

              I feel the same way about the bamboo with spicy wonder sauce. It's cold bamboo with a very smoky tasting oil that's more garlicky than hot.

          2. I love Dan Dan noodles. Any other fish or tofu recommendations?

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              Well many love the mapo tofu, im not a fan of that dish in general.
              The jingu fish fillets are the only 3 pepper dishes on the menu, so if you like hot thats a good choice

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                My absolute favorite thing on the menu is Gangou dry fish filets. I think they might actually be 3 peppers too (though I think they should only be 2). Also the Fish Filets and Napa Cabbage w Spicy Chili Sauce is my husband's favorite. Besides those fish dishes, we also like to order fresh bamboo shoots with either sesame oil or wonder sauce, Chengdu spicy dumplings, dried chicken w chili sauce, and chicken w cayenne.

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                  i'll second the gangou dry fish fillets; i always order it when i'm there. just thinking about that dish makes me want to head over there...

              2. the spicy pork dumpling appetizer - I could eat 3 of them as a meal !!!!

                1. I concur with many of the recommendations in this thread, but will add my personal favorite: the Chengdu spicy lamb.

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                    Second the Chengdu Spicy Sliced Lamb and Dan Dan Noodles, and I love the Beef with Napa Cabbage in Spicy Chili Sauce as well!

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                      I'm hooked on the Beef w/Napa Cabbage. Have it every time. The Dan Dan noodles are great and the Chengdu Dumplings are amazing. Also love the Kung Bao chicken. Sounds mundane, but the ginger and garlic along with the sauce make it fantastic. The crab and asparagus soup is great on a cold day.

                      1. re: Walthamfoodman

                        I think you've put your finger on one of the joys of dining at a real traditional Sichuan restaurant: your expectations from Americanized restaurants are constantly being upended in good ways. Dan dan noodles with no peanut butter in the sauce, double cooked pork with actual pork belly, bamboo shoots that aren't canned. I haven't tried the kung bao, General Tso, or other staples of more Westernized Sichuan places, but they look fresher and better than average. And your friends can still order crab rangoon, egg rolls and chow mein if they don't care for the more traditional dishes.


                  2. Anyone tried the Hot & Sour Minced Sea Cucumber Soup (For 2) on the menu?

                    1. I also agree with many previous postings, and would say that while you can hardly go wrong with their menu (as long as you avoid the Americanized stuff!) I would put in a particular vote for the "old Sichuan chicken".

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                        Though I wouldn't necessary warn people off of the Americanized stuff either, if they have someone in their party who wants that kind of thing. One thing that really impresses me about Sichuan Gourmet is that their Sichuan food is so good, but the American stuff is really decent too. Great for groups that have someone non-adventurous. My 3 year old loves the veggie spring rolls and lo mein (as well as Sichuan green beans) -she's quite food adventurous in general, but tastebuds are not quite ready for chili sauce and Sichuan peppercorns just yet! I'm happy to eat the lo mein leftovers- of course the other stuff at SG is so much better, but the SG lo mein is better than what you would find at the vast majority of "China Palace" type places. It's nice to have the option if you need it.

                      2. We are in love with Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica and if their menu is the same (which I believe it is) I just did another review of new items on their menu:

                        To recap, we LOVE: dan dan noodles, Xiang La Dry Fish, the spicy wings, NEW Item-fish/tofu cubes deep fried with a Yu Xiang sauce on the side, cumin lamb, Wonton Soup for 2, a dried beef dish, etc etc etc. I don't believe there isn't anything I haven't enjoyed.

                        1. for a non-chili dish, try the meatball sichuan style in clay pot.

                          1. Hot and sour wonton soup. Dan dan noodles. Chengdu spicy dumplings. Dried chicken with chili sauce. Chengdu spicy lamb. I've never had a bad meal here. After reading this post I think it's time to head to Framingham this weekend.

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                              No one has mentioned my two favorite dishes!

                              fuqi feipian (cold sliced beef and tendon in chili sauce)

                              dried chicken and chilies (small crispy cubes of chicken with green chilies and dried red chilies)

                              Two of the spicier dishes on the menu.

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                                It's the same thing as dried chicken with chili sauce (very confusing to me the first time I ordered it, because it's not saucy at all).

                                I always wondered about the tendon dish- I'll have to try it.

                            2. I just went for the first time a couple hours ago, and this thread saved my (twice cooked) bacon. Had said bacon, the gangou fish fillets, wood ear appetizer, and dan dan noodles, all were amazing, as reported. Ordered some crab rangoons just for "fun," and they were actually quite good, perfectly fried and not greasy. While the $5.95 Mai Tai might not have been super fancy, it definitely got me buzzed, as was pretty tasty.

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                              1. re: nsenada

                                If you are ever in Billerica, many say it's better than Framingham but the ambiance might not be as good (I haven't been to the Framingham location, addicted to Billericas)- check out this thread if you haven't yet:

                                1. re: lexpatti

                                  The decor/ambiance in framingham is without a doubt better. Plus its much more spacious. It used to be a fancy-pants thai place so alot of it is leftover from then.

                                  Billerica makes spicer food and many of the dishes just seem better to us.

                                  1. re: hargau

                                    I may have to make the trek to Billerica, though hard for me to imagine improving on the meal I had last night. On the spice front, I was expecting more of a sustained assault on the senses for the 3 pepper dishes. What we found was an initial hammer to the forehead, that subsided pretty quickly. I was so caught up in how delicious and fresh the flavors were that I didn't notice the lack of expected heat until after we were done.

                                    1. re: hargau

                                      A friend who is not a chowhound, but works near Red Pepper in Framingham, and has tried the Billerica and Framingham Sichuan Gourmet outlets, well he just hates the Framingham one with a passion. And I tend to agree with him, even if he's not a total expert, he knows cooking. The couple times I went to Framingham (the one on RT 9, right?) it was always two mehs and a half. I'd rather go up the road some more and head to EO Noodle, even it's not Sichuan.

                                      1. re: tatsu

                                        The Framingham one is definitely not as good as Billerica.

                                2. Dan dan noodles, as all have said. Also a vote for Yu Xiang Eggplant, which is excellent.

                                  1. We recently ordered off a few things off the "house specials" separate menu. We had the "sauteed fish fillet with basil" and sauteed snow pea greens (listed as "sauteed seasonal vegetable" or something like that), both of which were fantastic. The fish came with a moderately spicy sauce (only one red pepper on the menu) with bright flavors (not a little bitter, as sometimes spicy fish dishes can have, maybe from the Sichuan peppercorns?), and the basil and perfectly cooked asparagus added a lot. The snow pea greens were also cooked perfectly, crisp and incredibly fresh, and we asked for only a little garlic. Lastly, we also had the ma po tofu with pork, which was great but most of which we brought home as leftovers.

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                                    1. re: youngho

                                      Nice!!! I haven't gotten any dishes with garlic so that will be my next try - hope it's in billerica too.

                                      1. re: youngho

                                        The sauteed seasonal vegetable is simply peapod greens (not peapods, but rather peapod greens) sauteed with oil and garlic. They are, as you note, wonderful.

                                        1. re: Blumie

                                          I love many of the dishes mentioned already too. I just want to add, that if you are a fan of kung pao chicken, they make it better than any place I've ever had it around here. It has so much more flavor than most Americanized Chinese restaurants. , and perfectly diced chunks of chicken, with just enough spiciness. Even though we generally order the house specialties, once in a while I just have to have some kung pao.

                                          1. re: ChinaCat

                                            Went again last night! I just can't seem to stop going. Had Dan Dan noodles, spicy wontons in chili sauce, of course the Kung Boa chicken with extra sauce and then tried the Chengdu Spicy lamb. It was spicy, but in a different way. You seemed to smell the spice as much as taste it and it did sit in the back of your throat. Our waitress was very nice. When we ordered the lamb she made sure to tell us that this was a dish without a sauce, because we tend to get dishes like the Kung Bao and the Beef with Napa cabbage in chili sauce that have a sauce on them
                                            I asked the owner about their new place in Brookline and he said hopefully in a couple of months. He said that it needed a real sprucing up after 30 years. He also said the menu will be the same. Looking forward to going there once it gets going.

                                      2. While there is nothing wrong with their Billerica location, apart from Rte 3A that I hate with a vengeance, and that it's such a small and busy place that I almost feel bad for being single at a two top, their Framingham location is so different.
                                        Nice bright interior nicely decorated, big windows. 20 minutes later most of the tables were busy.
                                        As in Billerica, their Hot and Sour Soup is excellent. Kind of a smallish amount of pickled veggies..
                                        Smokey Hot Shredded Chicken with Cayenne from the lunch menu was excellent and here you also have a choice of app, either a spring roll or Crab Rangoon's. Sadly the Spring Roll was left uneaten so that I could finish the delicious chicken. Hot Hot but so delicious!


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                                          I'm good with either the F'ham or Billerica location - I live pretty much right in between the two, and don't care much about decor. But whichever one I go to, I have a hard time staying away from any of the lamb dishes. Them's good eats! Sichuan Gourmet is a fave for both my wife and me.

                                        2. Restaurant Address please for this post.....road warriors need to know.

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                                          1. re: ipsofatso

                                            271 Worcester RD. (Rte.9),
                                            Framingham, MA 01701

                                            (508) 626-0248
                                            (508) 626-0347

                                            1. re: Ferrari328

                                              : - ) thanks and I hope to get there especially if it is west-bound side.

                                              1. re: ipsofatso

                                                Yup west bound just before rte 126 intersection across rte 9 from Tropical Isle and Uncle Cheungs, enjoy.

                                          2. Definitely definitely the 'Roast Beef & Tendon w. Chili Sauce,' its under Sichuan Cold Delicacies. So good. You will see all the regulars ordering it.

                                            1. Could someone help me ID a fish dish I saw there last night? I flagged down the server who delivered it to another table but she didn't speak any English so I wasn't successful. It just looked tasty flying by our table, but I didn't get a good look. It looked like it may have been a whole fish, dry fried, and was topped with cilantro. Any ideas?

                                              Our usuals of Dan Dan noodles, bamboo shoots with sesame oil, Sichuan style green beans, gangou dry fish filets, and meatball Sichuan style were particularly good last night. Good mix of spicy and not so the kids will eat too (though the six year old has finally graduated to Dan Dan noodles...). The two year old who never eats Chinese food ( how is he my kid?) devours the meatballs, and I love them because they are nicely browned on the outside and extremely juicy on the inside.