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Jan 14, 2010 09:29 AM

30th Birthday party venue - Fairfield County

I am planning a 30th birthday party for my sister. There will be approximately 40 people there. Suggestions on a spot in the Fairfield County area where we can do drinks and food? On the casual side. We were considering renting a hall and getting it catered but would like to see how much restaurants would be first.


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  1. Barcelona might be a fun spot. You can do lots of tapas and stuff. They have places in Fairfield, SoNo, Stamford, Greenwich...I know the FFLD and SoNo places do private rooms, not sure about the other two.

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      went to a 40th at rios that was fun if you were looking so keep the $$ low. the birthday boy/gal gets to weat a sombrero and break a pinata.

    2. It's after the Holiday season. Restaurants are going into their slowest quarter, business-wise.

      There are plenty of restaurants that I'm sure would bend over backwards to make a memorable party for your sister on a budget.

      What's the age group of the crowd? Will there be children -- or should there be a stripper?

      And remember, there are also dozens of superb party destinations in Fairfield County, and seemingly *thousands* of caterers. Give an idea of exactly what kind of crowd/party and I'll come up with suggestions.

      1. I read about this a couple of months ago and thought it was such a fun idea. No idea about cost though.


        1. I would go to Osetra in SoNo

          Osetra Restaurant
          124 South Washington St South, Norwalk, CT