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Jan 14, 2010 09:25 AM

Birthday part venue - Hartford County

I am planning a 30th birthday party for my sister. There will be approximately 40 people there. Suggestions on a spot in the Hartford County area where we can do drinks and food? On the casual side. We were considering renting a hall and getting it catered but would like to see how much restaurants would be first.


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  1. With 40 people, you will want a private room. Coupling that with "casual" can be tricky, as it tends to be the higher end places that have private rooms. In Glastonbury, there is Pazzo's. It has a private room and you can BYO which may help a lot. Corkage went up to $15 per bottle after they got their liquor license, but $15 to bring in bottles of good wine is a lot better than paying $25 per bottle for crap. There is also a Pazzo's in Rocky Hill. Don't know if it has a private room.

    Also in Glastonbury is Max Amore. It has a private room glassed off from the rest of the dining area, but with a full view of it. 40 people may be just about the limit. A little less casual than Pazzo's, but still casual. Prices will be about the same. Not BYO. Corkage not permitted.

    All of the other places I can think of at the moment with private rooms don't really qualify as "casual".