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Dinner 1/27 in Columbus, OH

I'll be staying in Columbus the night of the 27th downtown. I'm looking for somewhere with great food (Asian, American, European, South American, I eat everything) and a bar that has seat backs on the bar chairs - a strange request, I know, but I don't like to hunch over my dinner. I've eaten at Flat Iron, which was tasty and casual, but that's the only place I've been to besides Elevator Brewing in Columbus.

Right now, I'm trying to choose between M and Barcelona. I'm from Boston and not too worried about cost. Which should I choose or should I eat elsewhere?

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  1. Columbus Top 10 Dining

    Would also think you would love G. Michael's Bistro in German Village or Alana's near OSU campus.

    1. Why not just eat at a table?

      If you're looking to eat at a Bar specifically I'd definitely recommend M - with so many places closing up their doors lately in high-end eating it is the best option in the downtown district.

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        Because I don't want to eat at a table. I want to eat at a bar on this specific trip.

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          Kinda strange - don't know that I paid attention to the stools - but M is a very good place with a nice bar (and tables)

      2. The seats at the bar at Rigsby's has backs-not far from downtown-

        1. If you have access to a car, The Top Steakhouse in Bexley may just be what you desire. It's about a 10 min drive from downtown. The whole atmosphere is like something from the '50's, black leather, dark, you expect to see Frank, Dino and Sammy any minute. Not sure about the bar stools, but you can call them. They have a special menu for the bar, which is different from what is offered for dinner. Not sure you can get a steak at the bar, always eat at a table. Depending on the night, they have live entertainment as well. Here is their menu:


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            Thanks for the idea! I've actually already been there, was looking for something downtown.

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              The Clarmont Steakhouse may have what you are looking for. This rec comes with some explanation, I have a personal beef with the owner, the food is generally good. Similar atmospher to the Top, not sure if the bar stools recline, but a decent bar and you will feel comfortable eating there. It's about 1/4 mi south of I-71 on S. High St.


          2. Barcelona is lovely too. It's in German Village, a few minutes from downtown. Never ate at the bar, but the space and food are solid. I like their present menu better than M.

            1. I will second the idea to go to G. Michael's. Their bar stools have backs and the bartenders are great. it is American food, with a southern twist. Best non-Japanese seafood in Columbus. plus great pork.

              It is very close to downtown, just on the south side.

              Alana's is awesome also, and I believe they have backs on their bar stools as well.

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                Thanks for all of the recommendations! I think I'll head to G. Michael's. The online menu features pork cheeks and sweetbreads - two of my favorites!

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                  I enjoyed a recent dinner at G Michael's-very nice atmosphere at the bar-but go hungry-the portions are generous. The mushroom ravioli was enough for an entire meal, and was just a starter...
                  Depending on the time of day you go, you may want to check out Pistacia Vera, just down the block-

                  and (keeping within the food theme) the great cookbook section of the nearby Book Loft of German Village.

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                    Unfortunately, I was too late into town to check out Pistacia Vera, which looks like a great bakery - I love macarons.

                    The deli on that corner is a gem too.

                    I really enjoyed G Michael's: the chard/leek/parm soup was earthy and delicious and the sweet breads were quite tasty; though they could have been creamier, the spinach salad made the dish pop. Thanks again!