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Jan 14, 2010 08:48 AM

Philadelphia BYOB for birthday dinner saturday night. 12 adults, 6 kids. Recommendations?

I'm planning a birthday dinner for my father which will include 12 adults with 6 children (ages 1 through 8). We'd like for it to be early saturday evening around 6. BYOB would be best. Some family members have suggested getting a place with a private or semi-private area, but this is flexible. Some of the restaurants have set menus for large groups, but since there are 6 children, we would need something that could provide something for the kids. Any location in Philadelphia is fine. Northern Liberties is near my cousin's house, so that would be great.

I looked at other boards and found Modo Mio - would this work for such a large group with kids?

Any other suggestions? Please?

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  1. You need to add your location. This board covers all of PA.

    1. Modo Mio wouldn't be a good choice since they are very crowded and the menu is more suited to adult tastes.
      My first thought is Branzino. They have a very nice room upstairs that is perfect for large group.

      1. As joluvscards said, Modo Mio is a bad choice.

        If South Philly works, consider Tre Scalini on E. Passyunk. It is BYO and they have an upstairs section you can use. The food is great and has plenty to satisfy both kid and adult palates. Pesto on Broad St could also work; they have a liquor license now but still allow BYO with no corkage fee.