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Jan 14, 2010 08:46 AM

Bay Area Reception

Hi All!

My fiancee and I are looking for a good restaurant for about 200 guests. It seems like most people are looking for something smaller in the 100 range. We found some venues for Chinese Banquets but they don't have enough parking to accomodate us. But we're open to anything! Please help!

btw, as anyone tried East Ocean in Emeryville for a banquet lately? I remember going there ages ago and it was forgettable...

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  1. If you go with one of the places in Chinatown (Great Eastern, R&G Lounge) your guests can park in the Portsmouth Square garage. Otherwise, I think you'll need to go out to the burbs.

    Did I read your post correctly that you don't necessarily want a Chinese banquet, just a restaurant that can handle 200 guests?

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      A chinese banquet would seem like a logical choice since they can handle big receptions. However, we would actually prefer something more ... unique? (All chinese banquets serve the same food!)

    2. Our reception was at Hs Lordships in the Verkeley Marina. The food isn't super chowish, but it is reasonably good. There is plenty of parking and the view of the bay is incredible. Their upstairs ballroom can accomodate around 350 I think.

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        There's a restaurant in Burlingame (Fandorin) that does these sorts of things but they mainly do it for Russian/Armenian parties...they will even provide a band if you like. Just throwing it out there. Plenty of parking...

      2. While helping a friend shop venues for a (much smaller) wedding a while back, I came upon this website:

        It is a list of several San Francisco restaurants that do buyouts or private dining (not comprehensive -- e.g. missing Yank Sing), and as you'll see, some are more touristy/corporate spots, but it's worth a look as it might stimulate some ideas at least.

        Other idea, although costly, would be to look at a venue like the Academy of Sciences which has a great restaurant (Moss Room) that offers catering and can seat a huge number of people.

        1. Postino in Lafayette does banquets for up to 250, and it's very pretty.

          1. Try Retsaurant Peony -- parking garage below

            Banquet menus on their website (I think)

            Restaurant Peony
            388 9th St Ste 288, Oakland, CA 94607