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Jan 14, 2010 08:45 AM

What sound does your knife blade make when you thump it? Please report back.

I am trying to determine if one can get an idea about the quality of the steel in a knife blade by thumping it on the side with your finger and listening for what sound it makes. On my own knives the ones I consider the best quality make a singing or ringing sound when thumped, whereas the cheapest ones generally have a dull thud sound, but there are a few exceptions, maybe a lot depends on the type of handle attached. or the thickness of the spine. If you have an assortment of knives including good ones and junk ones, would you thump them and report back if there is any difference in the sound they make.

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  1. Mine said "Hey, knock it off! We'll cut for you but we won't put up you hitting us."

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      Does the voice sound like your signficant other?