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Jan 14, 2010 08:39 AM

Bistro Jeanty or ad hoc

Hi all. I know these restaurants have come up often on the boards, but I am hoping to take my BF out for his 30th birthday and I am trying to decide between Bistro Jeanty and ad hoc. I like the flexibility in Jeanty's menu, but I have read/heard great things about Thomas Keller restaurants. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you'd like to try a Keller restaurant but want more menu flexibility, you could try Bouchon, also in Yountville. It is excellent. Unfortunately they're doing something to their website so you can't look at the menu online but if you yelp it, you can see people waxing eloquent about their food and get an idea of what they serve. I haven't been to ad hoc yet, but in my mind Bouchon has a slightly more celebratory air than Jeanty. Jeanty's decor is french country grandmother; Bouchon's is french brassiere.

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      Agree with Jan - Bouchon is much better food than Jeanty and a livelier atmosphere (I don't mind Jeanty, but only order a couple things there which are consistent).

      Ad hoc is my favorite in town - it can be a little difficult if it's something you truly don't like but I have also tried some things there I hadn't tried before. I even love their salads (which I typically view salads as "should eat" rather than "want to eat"). If the main is truly something you don't want to eat/try (for me it's duck) then they usually have one alternative you can request (often salmon or halibut). They definitely won't do a lot of tweaks/subs to the menu, but do realize that certain people just don't like certain things.

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        I'd definitely pick Ad Hoc. Check their website, as they always post that day's menu so you won't waste time checking the place out physically. We were at Bistro Jeanty on New Year's Eve, and I was sorely disappointed. While the onion soup was good, the cassoulet was very, very dry and bland.

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          Best thing at Jeanty is the tomato soup in the puff pastry! That was to die for last time I had it - hope it still is.

      2. It's an easy call for Ad Hoc.

        1. Bouchon over ad hoc. Food is good at both but if you don't like what's being served at ad hoc that day (although that would be hard to do) you are out of luck. And the service there is not very good imo. Bouchon would be better for a celebratory occasion.

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          1. re: jstew52

            Both serve excellent food, but for flexibility I'd go with Bouchon.

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              We went last Saturday and the marinated steak was amazing. One of our four doesn't eat red meat and they served him an amazing halibut cooked perfectly. I think Ad Hoc can easily work around the food issue and it really comes down to atmosphere - Bouchon is a little more formal and Ad Hoc is more casual. We love Bouchon a few times a year, but can eat at Ad Hoc every weekend just because we think it's unique whereas you can find good French almost anywhere.

          2. Thank you for the responses! I think I will go with ad hoc since I can view their menu ahead of time.

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            1. re: msmeanie

              At least Jeanty has a full bar and a better bar than Ad Hoc

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                Great pick. I hope you write back to let everyone know how it was.

              2. I really love Ad Hoc but dislike the fact that they serve wine in tumblers; I've learned that you can request regular stem wine glasses, instead.