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from love to done with...

went for italian yesterday and when trying to choose the meat it came down to 2 , happily i went with the chicken instead of prosciutto, because as mush as i love it i can go from that to just plain done with it in mere bites( must be at least partly the saltiness), so i was curious if you ppl have that one food that does the same to you?

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  1. Yes, anything that's really rich. This never used to be the case, but now that I'm older I just can't eat too much of anything fatty or dense. So, something like pork belly or even bone marrow (which I could once down like water) I only only eat smaller portions. To a lesser degree it's the same with desserts, though not quite as much.

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      Yeah, I'm the same way with rich fatty foods, and I too used to be able to eat mass quantities. I've particularly noticed this recently with regard to escargots in garlic butter, and foie gras. I still adore both, but will only order the escargots if someone will share a half dozen with me, and I've just stopped ordering foie (used to feel some ethical reservations but just loved it too much anyway, now figure if I'm not going to enjoy it completely I'll just pass) . Also anything too sweet. For example, I just love the Jack in the Box eggnog shake in season, but can never finish more than half a small one.

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        Good point, I get over holiday fare and holiday specialty foods much faster than the rest of my family.

    2. Pancakes...I love the idea and the taste of about five bites, and then I am so over it.

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      1. Gorgonzola cream sauce on pasta. The first couple of bites are sublime. After a few more, I'm done.

        1. Scallops. Three are delicious, the fourth is just...ugh.

          Also chocolate--although I realize I am in a miniscule minority here. One bite is good, any more is overkill.

          1. Funny this was posted, I was just having this conversation with my partner last night, and she wasn't grasping the concept. Due to appointments and errands that kept us out late enough that cooking wasn't an option and going to a sit down joint wasn't appealing, we opted to run through the Jack in the Box drive thru. Yes, I know, I'll turn in my foodie credentials now...

            Anyway, I got their chicken strips and after about two of them I offered the rest to her because I'd just hit the wall with them. They were tasty and I enjoyed them, but after a while I just couldn't stand the thought of eating any more of it, and it had nothing to do with fullness, just was done with the flavor of them.

            1. tuna fish. I look forward to a tuna sanwich then once I've had it I'm good for months.
              popcorn; especially caramel corn. One trashy box of Cracker Jack a year.

              otherwise, I'm game for just about anything beyond a few bites.

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                another one is potato chips, i used to be able to get through a whole bag in a sittiing but now, i never so much as even remotely crave them

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                  I'd love to get over those thus! I rarely eat them for reasons of health and diet (I don't mean I'm a compulsive dieter - far from it - but they are horrifically greasy) but I can certainly eat at least half a bag. And don't feel good afterwards. I think our ability to digest grease decreases as we age, and rightly so.

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                  I'm the same way with popcorn. I'll just fiend for it, and then I'll have it and be totally done with it for months.

                  But tuna sandwiches, I never think to make, until I visit my folks in the summer... we ate tuna sandwiches almost every single Sunday after church until I was in high school. What a funny memory... :)

                3. French fries. I love the taste of fresh, golden brown fries, but I rarely want to eat more than 2-3 or them

                  Pad Thai. I always kind of regret ordering it when I go out for Thai food. the first few bites are delicious, but after that my craving is satisfied and I get sick of the flavor.

                  Bacon. I love the flavor, and really enjoy dishes that have small pieces of bacon in them, but I can't eat more than one whole strip or so.

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                    1 strip of bacon??? 2-3 french fries??? Jeez--that just gets me warmed up. I would kill for that kind of self control. Seriously

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                      sparkareno, when your "done" there is no need for self control...you're just done!

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                      O..M..G, french fries?? I've been off deep fried foods for the last 6 mos. (6 more to go) & the two items I miss the most are french fries & chips with my sandwiches...sigh.

                      For me, in addition to many things already mentioned, belgian waffle.

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                        Belgian waffles -- yes, yes, yes!! Two bites, and then I'm choking it down to get my money's worth. Ha!

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                        +1 on the fries, but that's because i only like the *hot* and super-crispy ones on the top of the pile. as soon as they start to cool off they loose their appeal for me between the temperature and the sog factor.

                        come to think of it, i'm the same way with bacon. give me a couple of hot, crispy bites and i'm set. once it cools, no thanks.

                      3. a bowl of pasta, every mouthful is the same and halfway through I am done. When I make Mac n cheese I need to have peas with it just to have a change of taste and texture.

                        1. Bananas. I like the taste but after a couple of bites the texture gets to me and I need to stop eating it. Same thing happens with pudding and jello.

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                            I am the same with bananas, but for flavour reasons. I find the flavour of banana so overpowering, that after a couple of bites, I'm done. Although banana bread, I could eat lots of.

                          2. blackened sole... i went through a phase in high school where i was on a kick, and my mom made it for me almost every night... i want it every so often now, but then a couple of bites in, and i'm burned out.

                            1. fudge ~~ one bite every 5 years.

                              the same with sauerkraut

                              1. I am sure people will think I'm nuts, but oh well.
                                Chicken wings. I can eat 2 maybe three of the larger wings not those parakeet arms that they try to pass for wings. It doesn't matter if I make them or we go out and my husband orders them. He always does and he always offers me some because he knows that I can't eat many. For me they are too rich and around the third one my stomach will start churning.

                                1. Risotto and pancakes. Just a sea of the same thing. When I was a kid it was spaghetti and meat sauce. Loved those first 3 or 4 bites and then - just done with it.

                                  1. Um - ice cream comes to mind. Growing up, it was home made with an old fashioned crank machine. There was never enough. Now I only buy it when I have company that will eat it as I'm done after a couple bites. No, I'm probably never going to make home made again. No room for a crank machine for something I don't enjoy anymore.

                                    The other is chicken wings, that Chef Chicklet said. I used to get a dozen just for me - extra hot. Now I have to get the hot sauce on the side, cuz' I'll only be able to eat a few and share the rest w/ others. Bummer, cuz' cold beer and wings used to be a memorable meal.

                                    1. Not really a food, but a Bloody Mary. The first couple of sips are delicious, but after that, I start to gag. So odd.

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                                        Me too! My theory is that when the ice starts to melt, it separates the tomato juice-gross. I order or make them spicy, small, no ice and lots of garnishes.

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                                          So funny to know that someone else has this same aversion after I've lived with it for so many years! lol

                                      2. pretty much anything that's very sweet and rich or heavy - cake, cookies, fudge, etc. oh, and full-fat ice cream - the mouthfeel gets to me after a few bites...though i'm fine with gelato or frozen yogurt.

                                        1. I'm that way with sweets. I can eat a few bites of cake or a couple cookies (1 if they're big), fudge, etc....then I'm good. My coworkers are amazed at my "self control", but it has nothing to do with control, after a few bites, I'm just done, hit the wall & don't want anymore.

                                          Scallops, I can eat 2 or 3 then the texture starts getting to me.

                                          About twice a year I'll crave Taco Bell. After I've eaten about half, I'm done for about 6 months.

                                          Baked Sweet Potatoes-the first few bites are delicious, then after that it's a chore to finish. I've started buying the smallest ones I can find.

                                          Anything really rich. I try my best to finish it, but would prefer to share it with someone.

                                          1. donuts. they start out so good on the first bite...then it just gets too sweet...and i feel kinda sick...yuck, done!