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Jan 14, 2010 08:29 AM

o'sheas/jack o' sheas [London]

for what its worth: the original jack o'sheas in knightsbridge will shortly be renamed o'sheas. jack, who has split from the family, is at selfridges and retains the name jack o'sheas.

they are different companies with different providers.

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  1. So which one still has that good beef?

    I presume both will still be great, but which one is staying more original? (ie. using the original purveyors from Ireland)

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    1. re: chief1284

      the knightsbridge o'sheas has exactly the same beef it used to always have. dunno about selfridges - but rumour has it the provenance at selfridges is uh a bit more varied.

    2. I wonder if it is an amicable or acrimonious split. I suspect the latter given the success the brand has achieved. It will be interesting to see if we get two great butchers as a result or two sub-par ones, hopefully the former.

      Howler; where are the rumours from? If they are from the now jackless O'Shea shop it could simply be sour grapes.

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      1. re: PhilD

        its emphatically not from o'sheas. but lets let it go at that.

      2. Thanks for the clarification. Was confused by that, as you could see in the other thread.

        The Knightsbridge one is great, the Selfridges one is good too. Should buy a rib eye on the bone from each one day and compare...

        1. Jack O'Shea marched out of Selfridges for flogging under-the-counter foie gras ...