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Jan 14, 2010 08:17 AM

Valentine's Day Restaurant in Hawthorne area

We are new to the Hawthorne area and looking for a romantic restaurant in the area...Please Help :)

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  1. I would go to Tramanto in Hawthorn, good food and nice service and I'm sure they will do something special for Valentines Day.

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    1. re: GIOny

      tramonots food is aok, but not a romantic valentine spot..let me recommed in no specific order
      -finalmente sleepy hollow -15 min ride
      -equss tarrytown- 10 mins
      -santorini sleepy hollow
      chilboust tarrytown
      stone barns blue hill

      1. re: intrepid

        Equss looks amazing! They are already booked complete for V Day :(

        1. re: neecie0413

          Equus is indeed a very beautiful and possibly romantic (depending where you sit) but I have heard very mixed reviews about their food lately and complaints of snooty service. But I am curious about finalmente, I've never heard of it, have you been there intrepid? What's it like?

          1. re: GIOny

            good am..finalmente i have just been is good, not great, but good...interior very well woods, great light/ fixturing..small place very inviting and soothing hopefully food can step up a notch

        2. re: intrepid

          also maybe
          The Kittle House in CHappaqua