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Jan 14, 2010 07:16 AM

Thinking of making lamb sliders.. what would you pair this with?

Wanted to make some lamb sliders in a brioche with a roasted garlic rosemary aioli

what cheese would you bring to the party? anything else you would add?

also.. may make some french fries. but dont want an aioli for them since i think it will be over kill.. id rather not do just ketchup.. your thoughts?


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  1. I wouldn't do cheese at all, but that's me.

    For the fries, I'd think about blending sour cream with a little salt, garlic, and slightly thinning it out with a touch of lemon juice, perhaps?

    an entirely different route which sounds absolutely delicious to me right now would be for Indian flavors for the whole thing - lamb and fried potatoes, a raita inspired dip for the potatoes - something with mint in it somewhere. - just throwing that out - sounds good to me right now.

    1. One of my favourite local places makes amazing lamb burgers with gorganzola and watercress. So great. And the cheese gets so melted you really don't need another sauce.

      1. Fries with gravy (like a demi glace) might be nice.

        1. I agree with the gorgonzola (or perhaps Kasseri if you can find it ; or even a mozzarella). Instead of french fries, select a firm variety of potato, peel it and cut into small pieces about half an inch square, the boil them until almost but not quite done. Fry them in oil until crispy brown then cool them, add some chopped onion, some herbs and blend with a Aioli dressing.
          Fried potato salad is a nice accompaniment to sliders.

          1. The tomato version of catsup is ubiquitous today, but the name means "sauce" and there are still other varieties. The last time I ordered from I was tempted to get rhubarb catsup, but didn't. I don't know if this contains tomato or not. They have other flavors too. Asian markets will carry some alternative catsups and there must be recipes online.

            I would also look at a variety of chutneys for the sliders.