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Jan 14, 2010 06:47 AM

Amada during RW

I've never been to Amada, but I hope to get the Cliff's Notes version during RW. What dish shouldn't be missed? What would you order? We'll probably do the three course meal and share an order of paella.

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  1. I had a good meal for RW there once, but I think the kitchen is not quite as good during RW. But that that could just be bias setting in. Since then I had a really disappointing meal at Distrito (another Garces joint) during UC Dining Days (the West Philly equivalent of RW).

    That said, the menu items shown are all from the standard menu and nothing will be bad, Here are some of my favorite dishes from that list:

    Any of the cheeses
    Scallops a la plancha

    Just get one of each dessert to share, they are both good and pretty different. I think you will be pretty full from the RW menu alone, Garces does not skimp on the portions for RW in my experience.

    And if you like whiskey cocktails, I highly recommend the Matador.

    1. The asparagus from the usual menu is on the RW week menu and is one of my favorite dishes in the whole city, strongly recommend.

      1. Amada for RW is actually a great experience, imo. They offer alot of the great dishes from the menu. I'll be there Sunday.

        Def. get the shortrib flatbread and I like the melon and serrano. They brulee the melon in a really cool twist. You will most likely be stuffed by the RW menu alone.