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Jan 14, 2010 05:43 AM

Visiting end of March ...need suggestions for dinner.

We will be in town from Philadelphia for a convention the end of March. Need some suggestions for dinner. We like most foods except Indian and price is not an issue. I think we are staying at Nine Zero Hotel. Thanks.

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  1. That's a pretty wide open request. I'd suggest you browse this board a bit - you should quickly get a sense for the local favorites - and then come back with more specific questions.

    Having said that, I'll toss out one must-eat venue to get you started: Craigie on Main, in Central Square, Cambridge. Great food, creatively presented, with an excellent wine list and savvy cocktail-making to boot.

    Craigie on Main
    853 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

    1. The restaurant in your hotel KO Prime is good and the bar there is fun. A five min walk brings you to No. 9 Park. Another 5 min brings you to Toscano on Charles St. where I just had a great meal.

      1. I second Craigie on Main, go for the bone marrow !

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          Indeed - just be aware, they serve (as a "side dish") the largest portion of bone marrow I've ever seen offered anywhere. The total amount of marrow in one serving was easily more than 8 oz (one cupful!) and they slice the bones lengthwise making it very easy to access.

        2. I would add Scampo in the Liberty Hotel for great food a place that has a good vibe. If money really isn't an issue and you want a truly unique dining experience then go to O-Ya but if you decide to try it be sure to call and reserve early and plan on at least $100. per person. If you enjoy excellent Japanese food you will love O-Ya.