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Jan 14, 2010 05:12 AM

Looking for the best soup in Chicago!!

Its cold and I am craving delicious soup! Any recommendations for the best soup restaurant in Chicago??

I am thinking of the long-shuttered Bowl and Roll on Wells...or hoping to find Chicago's version of the Soup Nazi. Detroit's Zoup would be good too...

Help a cold soup lover out here!!

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  1. You might try to Soup Box on Clark or the Bucktown Soup Cafe on Damen.

    1. Fernando's Mexican restuarant on Lincoln Avenue just north of Roscoe serves FANTASTIC Mexican style chicken'll definitely want to order a second bowl.

      Babylon on Damen Avenue in Bucktown serves amazing yellow lentil soup!

      Opart Thai on Western and Lincoln makes a killer Tom Yum Kai!!

      Carlucci's Italian Restaurant serves the very best Minestrone!!!

      1. It appears that the OP is looking for a restaurant that specializes in soup, rather than the best soup served at any restaurant.

        However, if you're interested in the latter, my favorite soup in any restaurant in the Chicago area is the tom kha gai at Thai Sookdee in Evanston. It is absolutely sublime.

        Thai Sookdee Restaurant
        1016 Church St, Evanston, IL 60201

        1. I remember the Bowl and Roll fondly also.

          The best I know of is The Soup Box at 50 E. Chicago.. Their lobster bisque is to die for. I think they also have a place on Broadway.

          The Bucktown Soup Cafe on Damen also does a pretty good job. They're my second choice. I've eaten at the Soup Nazi and I'm not sure it's that good, but the soups are thick with what's supposed to be in them (not just corn starch) and tasty.

          Captain Nemo's also makes consistently good soups.