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Jan 14, 2010 04:43 AM


Ok I really looked for restaurants uptown that are open on Monday night and I have narrowed it down to Dante's Kitchen or Crepe Nanou. I have not been to either one of these restaurants on my many trips to NOLA. Which would you choose? I will also be going to Sara's, Luke, Bistro Daisy..might have to take one of those off, do to time restraints. I can make reservations at Dante's but not LCN...ok hounds what do you say...DK or LCN????

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  1. I really enjoy them both. Nanou is definitely a bistro, with the charming woven chairs and many of the classic bistro dishes. The food is good and comforting, nothing groundbreaking. Dante's is more creative, and has more of a focus on local ingredients. Again, I love both places and frequent them both about evenly, but Dante's has better food.

    1. Both are solid choices. As uptownlibrarian stated, LCN is pretty straight forward traditional bistro fare and Dante's has a more creative menu. I'd say the food is better at Dante's as well, though I prefer the "vibe" at LCN.

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        I am all about the food...the "vibe" not so much as the food. I had one of my most memorable meals in Lisbon at a complete dive that only locals frequented that our cabdriver from the airport brought us to. It was awesome and i remember pulling up to it and walking in and thinking my god what have we gotten ourselves into!!! If the restaurant decor is appealing that just makes it all the better. Thanks for the input.

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          Well, Dante's is no dive, but it's very charming. IMO, always go for the food first. LCN is good, solid, mostly standard French bistro fare. They do what they do very well, but if you're looking for some excitement or innovation in the food, however, go to Dante's.

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            If it wasn't too long ago what was the place in Lisbon? We'll be flying in and out of Lisbon on the way to other places and a "locals" restaurant sounds great.

        2. I love LCN myself for both food and atmosphere, but Dante's is great too. If dessert factors in any way consider that LCN has some great crepe desserts and/or the Creole Creamery is right across the street if you are in the mood for awesome ice cream. Otherwise it comes to this: very good French Bistro fare or very good local fare? IMO neither one is much better than the other, so it would depend on what kind of food I feel like eating.

          1. Dante's Kitchen is definitely better than Crepe Nanou. Mat & Naddie's is my personal favorite and it is also open on Mondays. The usually have a great two piece band on Mondays - the Courtyard Kings (this might only be during the spring and summer).

            1. I haven't tried Dante's but have been to LCN many years ago and it was great. If you choose LCN, be sure to walk over to the Creole Creamery for some wonderful ice cream.