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Jan 14, 2010 04:41 AM

Finally tried Datz...oh good...

So I was a little hesitant to try Datz because when they first opened I saw some mixed reviews. I finally went last night and now I'm hooked! Nice atmosphere, good selection of beer and wine. I had a turkey sandwich on yummy crusty bread, can't remember what it was called but it had cole slaw and some sort of sweet sauce on it. All the sandwiches come w homemade potatoe chips drizzled in blue cheese dressing. For dessert I had a little berry tort with some sort of jelly on the inside. Unbelievable. I also taste tested key lime pie and red velvet cake. This is my new fave place to eat!

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  1. They're OK, they are putting in 20 taps downstairs now though, which makes me like them again. (they raised their beer prices 150% and I've semi-boycotted them since). A war is brewing though, Pane Rustica is a quarter mile south of there and is putting in a bar as we speak. My favorite kind of war, mua ha ha!

    1. Oh definitely try the hot dog at Datz, it's homemade and ENORMOUS.

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        --------Wait, that didn't come out right!

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          The hot dogs aren't homemade. I can't remember the company they purchase from, but they typically sell to sporting stadiums haha. In any event, very good hot dog, easily my favorite in tampa.

        2. i went last weekend craving a salad (yes, this sometimes happens). I had the crab cake salad, and it was very good, must have had a whole mango and half a large pineapple around the plate. The salad did not come dressed, however, and my server didn't believe me when i told her it was dry as a bone. still, i insisted on a side of dressing, which unsurprisingly improved the dish. Chicken noodle soup was pedestrian and salty.

          the beer prices were so reasonable before i'm not surprised they raised them. A year into business, Datz still has enormous potential, and i will go back, but every time i visit there's something out of place.

          and considering that Pane Rustica and Datz are always crowded, i don't think there's any risk of casualties in this rivalry.

          1. Ohhh..Pane is my absolute favorite hands down. Funny you mention the beer prices, my friends are huge fans of Datz and theyve been begging me to go for months, I finally relented last night and they were actually making a pretty big deal last night about how cheap the beer is and how they think they should raise the prices to increase profits:)

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              how cheap the beer currently is? Because it's no better than anywhere else right now, actually worse than most good beer bars (OTH, Dunedin HOB, Beer Garten, etc). When they opened the beer prices were outstanding.

            2. <Datz still has enormous potential, and i will go back, but every time i visit there's something out of place.>
              My sentiments exactly. I prefer Pane Rustica for lunch and dinner: more ambitious menu(s), better service, tastier food. IMO, of course. And there's no reason at all both shouldn't thrive, I wish Datz well.

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                I agree, they'll eventually get their stuff together.