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Jan 14, 2010 03:40 AM

Baogette Maiden Lane

Has anyone been here? What are the hours? Specifically, are they open on weekends?

Also, how does it compare to Baogette locations elsewhere in Manhattan?

Also, if I've never been to Baogette, what do I order my first time?

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  1. Get the #1 regular banh mi to start. Haven't really noticed a difference with this Baoguette branch except that I thought the bread looked longer. The sandwiches are pretty big.

    There aren't that many items on the menu, so experiment.

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    1. re: janethepain

      The bread is definitely different from the Lexington location. A little softer crust. I noticed they use Tom Cat bread at Lex and saw some boxes from a different producer being delivered to the Maiden Lane location. Plus the Baoguette is $6 at Maiden Lane but only $5 at Lexington. On a positive note, if you get it spicy, they give more jalapenos at the Maiden Lane location. In recent weeks, the Lex shop has almost stopped giving jalapenos, relying almost solely on Sriracha.

    2. If you've never been to any of the Baoguettes, you should understand how they interpret "how spicy" question.

      The answers mean:
      No Spice = No Sriracha Sauce, no peppers
      Mild = Sriracha Only
      Medium = Sriracha and Sliced Jalapenos
      Hot = Sriracha and Thai hot peppers.

      So even if you order medium, they may put a lot of jalapenos which can vary widely in heat. A friend of mine (who can tolerate moderate spice) got the medium from the st marks location and declared it inedibly spicy. (I wasn't with him to advise simply taking out some the jalapenos).

      I normally order mild because jalapenos sometimes give me convuslive hiccoughs, then put some extra sriracha on after i get it.

      I have not been to the Maiden Lane location.

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      1. re: egit

        Has anyone else had a banh mi from Baoguette with thai chillies? I've only been to the one on Lexington Ave, but I've been at least a dozen times and always get jalapenos when I order mine "spicy".

        1. re: heWho

          I've never heard this ordering system. I've been to both Lexington (dozens of times) and Maiden Lane (a handful) and they only ask "spicy" or "no spicy". I always order spicy even without being prompted. Out of all the baoguettes I've gotten, I think about half have had jalapenos and the other just had more sriracha.

          1. re: ESNY

            I think I was in the St. Mark's location several months ago and the "spicy scheme" was printed somewhere. Maybe it was on the menu, or maybe on a little sign on the wall. Or, hey, for all I know I heard someone behind the register telling someone that's how it works there.

            1. re: egit

              Next time I go to the Lexington branch, i'll order extra spicy. Hopefully it'll get my thai chiles and not just a cup of sriracha.

      2. Hours are 10 to 5 on weekdays only.

        And yes, prices for the Classic & Chicken are $1 more than at the other locations. I started a thread asking "why?". Didn't get any replies. That being said.....still damned good. I finally had a taste of the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup the other day and it was awesome. Not sure if $8 worth, but still pretty tasty.

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        1. re: rieslinglover

          oo wanted to take that out for lunch one time, but they ddin't have it :(

          is it properly portable?

          1. re: rieslinglover

            I certainly don't Know why the prices are higher, but you may have answered the question yourself. If they're only open for 30 hours a week, they probably need to increase their margin on food costs-- the other stores are open 7 days a week with longer hours. Plus the rent in FiDi may be higher than it is at 25th and Lex.

            As ESNY suggested, if the bread is different and in fact larger, then you may be getting more sandwich for your $6 than you get farther uptown for only $5. Either way, a $6 lunch in FiDi isn't a bad deal.

          2. Thanks everyone!

            Those hours are terrible for me since I LIVE in the Financial District but do not work there (or near any other Baogette location)! ::Sigh:: I will just have to come home early from work one day. :)

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            1. re: akmartin

              those are terrible hours, I can never go either since I live and don't work in the neighborhood. there are so many of us who live down here, they should extend their hours :(

            2. I went there during their opening week.. my sloppy bao (very spicy) was not quite up to par, or up to spiciness. It's still one of the best options in the area, and it could have just been opening issues.

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              1. re: Bone Thug n Hominy

                The higher price means that their overall costs have increased: i.e. different, bigger bread and also, probably a greedier landlord. Is the space the same as the Lex store?

                1. re: pbjluver

                  Or it could be that they could get away with charging more. If you can increase your price 20% and not lose any business, why wouldn't you do it.

                  1. re: ESNY

                    You both have a point regarding the higher price. Just found it odd that the increase is for only the Classic & Chicken bahn mi.

                    janethepain: The soup is indeed portable. Served in the same take-out container found in most other Chinese take-out shops.