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Jan 14, 2010 02:38 AM

Is it strange to take someone young to an upscale resto?

I am suppose to see my girlfriend this Saturday. She's a flight attendant, and it's the only day she's in this weekend. Her little 14 year old cousin is staying over her place though. I wanted to take my gf to this jazz lounge. She said her cousin might still be over, and didn't want to leave her. Would it be strange to have a 14 year old enjoying dinner with us at an upscale resto? I never see a young person in these restaurants, usually we're the youngest there at 27.

Here's the url of the place I was thinking. We'll be there from 6-9.

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  1. the 14 year old may like this place more than her parents. it looks like it is an adult place.

    There is a difference betwen taking a 14YO to an upscale restaurant (which jfood supports) versus taking a 14YO to a lounge, especially with the OP caveat of at 27YO they would be the youngest.

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      I agree with jfood. I don't think there is anything wrong with taking young teens to upscale restaurants (assuming they know how to behave themselves and want to go). However, after looking at the website I think the place is much more an upscale lounge than a upscale restaurant (not saying it doesn't have great food, but it looks more like a nightclub/bar). To me, a place that describes itself as 'Toronto's sumptiously sexy new hot spot' and has pictures of a shirtless trumpeter and bottle service doesn't really seem appropriate for a 14 yo, but that's just me. I personally wouldn't bring my 15 year old cousin based on the website. Plus, as someone stated below, they might not even allow minors (or maybe they do before a certain time, but that usually seems to be before the live music starts).

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        I'm with jfood. I do not like young children in restaurants at all. a 14 year old is old enough to understand right and wrong behavior and possibly to even enjoy the good stuff. And if it doesn't go well, 14 is also old enough to "go wait in the car"

        1. re: rednyellow

          That is NOT what jfood said at all. Did you look at the link...this is an adult nightclub, not a restaurant. Jfood has absolutely NO PROBLEM with well behaved children partaking of any appropriate venue. This one is not appropriate.

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            It doesn't look any more adult than a good restaurant to me.

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              Maybe a topless male trumpet player (picture on the site) is normal in your circle of friends when you go to a "good restaurant" but jfood likes to keep the standards higher and he stands by his comment that taking children to this lounge is wrong.

      2. Just depends on the person, not their age.

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Agreed. Also, it depends upon the place.

          Does she want to go at all? To this place in particular? Does she like jazz? I think Sopra is less like a lounge than their website makes it out to be. By that, I mean it is less about drinking and mingling than what many might think of when they hear the term 'lounge'.

          That said, how about a compromise place? Somewhere that you wouldn't necessarily stay 3 whole hours and might be less adult-focused. If her cousin isn't interested in jazz or a live show, how about simply going to Mistura downstairs. There wouldn't be the time commitment and I think it would less unusual to see a teenager.

        2. We take our 4 year old grandson with us most every place we go. Only because he is well behaved and loves good food. The child eats better than most adults and will tell you his favorite food is salmon. My parents always took me as a child as well. At the age of 14 you should not have to worry about her behavior and she will most likely appreciate being treated in a grown up fashion.

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          1. re: moondance27

            I think, in this case, it's less about the child being appropriate for the venue and more a question of the venue being appropriate for the child.

          2. Why don't you ask her if she wants to go? If she's not in the area for long, she may have something she was looking forward to doing at that time. Regardless, fine dining and jazz clubs aren't for everyone. It would be a shame to go and have her feel uncomfortable or like a third wheel on someone else's date for three hours. On the other hand, she might really love jazz and nice food. You never know until you ask.

            1. Not strange at all.. I agree with other posters that she may really like the experience. But if you are regularly the youngest there, check for an age restriction before you go. It would make for a terrible evening if you went only to find it is 21 and over.