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Jan 14, 2010 02:06 AM

Cherry Street East's Burger!

Wow! Now I know what all the fuss is about. Burger was great, cooked just as I ask for,service at the crowded and friendly bar spot on. Great place.

PS Second best burger I ever had, first being the place downtown that we can't talk about, but at a about 1/3 the price it's a no brainier for me Cherry Street!

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  1. Jfood is glad you enjoyed a burger in our little town, but what other burger downtown has a better one? No other place in town has a burger that is close to CSE?

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      1. re: tgseaver

        The ban is over. You can now say Napa and Co. on this board. Will try the hamburger next time I'm there. Have always been tempted, but feel you don't go to Stamford's best restaurant for hamburger.

        1. re: tgseaver

          oops...sorry. jfood was getting excited that there was anouther burger in town.

      2. We have occasion to visit New Canaan every other month or so -- we have a business contact there.

        You can throw a stone and hit Cherrystreet East from our friend's office. He won't even join me for a cocktail there.

        Jfood, should I *try* the burger here? I think the last time we had a meal at Cherrystreet was in 1980! (And it wasn't memorable... an acquaintance from school was cooking there, that's why we went.)

        And can someone tell me about the controversy surrounding their re-building after the fire? Apparently the restaurant sought investments from its core customers. In town, this raised eyebrows among some, was heart-warming to others, according to our friend. Didn't they have proper insurance?

        We typically don't eat at places that offer nachos and "mozzarella sticks" as appetizers. Our friend's co-worker said that their Chinese Chicken Salad was like something he got on an airplane once. Now, we're burger lovers, so I'd *like* to like this place. Give me a reason.

        Cherrystreet East
        45 East Ave, New Canaan, CT 06840

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        1. re: shaogo

          Cherry Street East makes a pretty decent burger. I like to sit at the bar, have a beer with my burger and rings, read the NY Post and do a little people watching. It's always entertaining.

          1. re: shaogo

            Steve H and jfood agree on how to approach thisplace. It's a very good, not great burger (everyone knows where the better ones are), but sitting there and ready the paper, evesdropping on others lie about a bunch of stuff and watch people is a New Canaan experience.

            As to your question of the money rasing. Let's say it was an unusual approach. The fire probably saved lives because jfood understands there were some inssues with the pre-fire structure that were a tad dangerous. Or that is what jfood heard while eating a burger and fries at the bar one day from some regulars as he read the paper.

            BTW - there is no place in town you should order nachos or mozzy sticks.

            1. re: shaogo

              Since I helped in the fundraising I can tell you the Town pulled together for this restaurant. The owner did not ask for money from the towns people. The structure definately needed to be rebuilt and up to code and the towns people did not want to lose this unpretentious establishment. Regarding the insurance issue. They did have insurance but the insurance agent under insured the building and construction company went over budget.

              If you are looking for some place to go so you can show off this is not the place. Families and regulars pack the joint every night. Over 30 years in business, so they must be doing something right.

              1. re: bogey

                We're not going anywhere to "show off." That's the least of my worries.

                What your post admits, sadly, is that there was an issue with the structural safety of the building, then *voila* it's destroyed by fire, and like a Phoenix can now rise from the ashes.

                That an owner who, as you say, has had a thriving business for 30 years doesn't have the wherewithal or credit-viability to manage the difference between coverage and actual cost just doesn't make any sense.

                It is a good thing, any way it happened, that New Canaan's still got a popular treasure that they visit regularly.

            2. I have been trying every burger in the Stamford Tri-City Area to find the best. Here are my findings . . .

              1. Jeremiah Donovan's Norwalk
              2. Cherry Street East, New Canaan
              3. Burgers, Shakes & Fries, Greenwich
              4. Gates, New Canaan

              And yes, it surprised me that JD's was #1. The meat was loosely packed and juicy, the way I like it. Succulent and almost falling apart. (I believe Jane and Michael Stern have also expressed admiration for JD's burger somewhere?) Burgers, Shakes and Fries is served on toast, but other than that fault, it was very good. There is something a bit weird about the burger at Gates (indigestion?) but it is juicy and flavorful. I did not enjoy the burger at the new burger place next to the Sono Cineman - was bland and didn't do it for me. Have not yet tried Archie Moore's. Anyone else know of better burgers in the area I should try?

              Thank you.

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              1. re: seafoodboy1

                Without question, The Black Duck burger belongs on your list.

                And yes, Donovan's always did have a good burger. I just haven't been there in ten years:)

                1. re: seafoodboy1

                  Napa & Co. in Stamford is very good. It's a popular, high-end destination. Food is pricey but good. Getting a table can be difficult.

                  Seldom mentioned on this board is the burger at Rory's on the Post Road in Darien. It's a bit of an insider thing: parking is crummy; tables are cheek-to-jowl; and the bar is populated by miscreants who feel a sense of ownership. Check out the cars in the tiny lot and the ceiling above the bar.

                  1. re: steve h.

                    I agree on the Napa burger being good. Damn good - but it is also hideously over-priced compared to equivalents in the city. When I get it I feel like I'm paying a stamford surcharge as part of the deal...

                    Not that I'm down on Napa - I enjoy it a lot. Just think this item is strangely priced.

                    1. re: Scotty100

                      I feel your pain. I eat a lot of burgers in Manhattan and like most of them. Still, I'm hard-pressed to come up with one that knocks Napa's offering completely out of the box. It's pretty good for a "splurge" burger. Stamford should be proud.

                      1. re: steve h.

                        I can think of 3 right now that are better, 2 of which are cheaper. I enjoy both burgers at Minnetta Tavern, the regular at 16 bucks and the infamous black label burger at 26 bucks. Both superb. Both use Pat La Frieda meat. Then there's my favourite to be found at the spotted pig for around 14 bucks I think. Again, La Frieda burger composition, velvety smooth with a dollop of blue cheese on top. Superb. Both options superior to Napa and 2 of them cheaper. But again, that's not to say I'm down on Napa. I'm not. Best in the area by a long shot but I don't dig the price.

                        1. re: Scotty100

                          Napa's burger comes in at $21. Pricey but good.

                          My favorite burger is at Zuni Cafe on Market in San Francisco. I get a "fix" there three, maybe four times a year.

                2. jfood wants oto go here tonight to get the taste of the Five Guys out of his mouth.

                  Thanks God for ALL theplaces mentioned here.

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                  1. re: jfood

                    At the Westport location? Shark attack might want to debate that with'm in no rush to try...

                    1. re: Scotty100

                      Yeah...jfood and sharky do not see eye to eye on that one.

                      In paper rocks scissors, does dog bite shark or vice versa? :-))

                  2. As luck would have it, I started the day with a deluxe hamburger at Super Duper (waiting for my car to be serviced) and ended it with a gourmet hamburger at Napa (because my wife had a hunger for the pappardelle --which we discovered was no longer on menu). 8 hours and 22 dollars apart, which one won? Cherry Street East.

                    Superduper hamburger was very good, but didn't have that flame char of CSE. And Napa wagyu burger came out medium not medium rare, and though moist and tasty was overwhelmed by the brioche bun. Knowing I was paying for a 25 dollar hamburger I expected more spills and thrills not just a good burger. Besides, after tasting my wife's sublime sheeps milk gnocci, a wonderful ricotta overnight tomato and basil grilled flatbread, and an unforgettable pineapple and coconut pancotta, I wondered who would waste calories on a hamburger with so many other amazing entries?

                    btw, walked in at 8 with no reservations and got a table without a wait. Place was packed and when we left at 9:30 people waiting for tables.

                    Gourmet Hamburger is somewhat of an oxymoron, I feel. Give me Cherry Street for the flame and ambience or BSF for the overal quality, taste and meticulous crafting. As for SuperDuper, the dog outshines the burger.

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                    1. re: louuuuu

                      Freakin' Trifecta louuuuu. Mrs jfood just said..."let's go tonight."

                      1. re: jfood

                        OK, way too much burger talk guys. I might need to take the wife and newborn for burgers tonight. Well, wife and me. Newborn probably doesn't like burgers yet.

                        1. re: adamclyde

                          Just had a burger for lunch, nice and rare with lettuce tomato and pickles.

                          One word folks.....AWESOME. And for the money?


                          Killer lunch deal.

                          1. re: shark_attack

                            You make jfood proud.

                            you've come a loooooong way from Genral Tsao at Stews. :-))

                            hopefully you went to gelatissimo for some dessert.

                            1. re: jfood

                              btw, we have gotten some gelato to go a couple of times lately. it keeps nicely in the freezer and still delicious. the lemon gelato is just so good.

                              1. re: jfood

                                For the record jfood, the Gen. Tso's was for my mom, not myself, her request. Adventureous as I am, I never did nor do I ever plan to personally consume any of the foods from the already-prepared section of that store:)

                                1. re: shark_attack


                                  jfood has done a quick pass-by on that and shakes his head. jfood has a mom like that as well, so he completely understands, sometimes a smile and a yes mom is better than explaining the ill-effects of some foods to an 85 year old woman. who knows, maybe they know something their children do not.

                                  BTW - tried black duck. very good burger, thanks for the reco. posting will occur shortly.