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Jan 14, 2010 01:31 AM

Rehearsal dinner for 40 people this summer in Great Barrington?

Hi all, because you were so helpful with wedding venues, I'm turning to you with rehearsal dinner advice. (We actually ended up going with Gedney for the wedding, because not only are they absolutely lovely, they were the ONLY ones [shame on you, shaker village!] who were generous enough to work within our budget!)

I fear our rehearsal dinner expectations are near impossible to accommodate, but here goes: we will have between 30 and 40 people, some of whom won't eat spicy food, but the rest who love everything; we would ideally want to keep it in Great Barrington, as that's where most will be staying and we don't want them to have to drive too much, and here's the kicker; ideally UNDER 20 dollars per entree.

Does anyone know ANY restaurant that can accommodate that many for that price? We've also had a request from a Californian for lots of fresh veggies, although the Berkshires are good at that, so I don't think it'll be a problem.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. hello!

    first off, GREAT choice of gedney farm.

    second...we have so many restaurants in great barrington, but im trying to think-
    a: one big enough ( so you wouldnt have to actually rent out the whole place which would obviously cost a fortune ) and b: the price range

    i am thinking of RT 7 GRILL. i have heard mixed reviews, but more towards the good. the space is big enough i think and the price range would work.

    im not sure if you HAVE to have a restaurant, but there is crissey farm catering which is connected to the GB brewery. ( i work there as a server for events ) the space is obviously big enough, and im sure with a buffett type meal they could work with your budget. again, i dont know if you really need a restaurant and sit down meal though. its a nice space, i dont think its your typical boring banquet hall. and the brewery ( pub style, comfort food ) is right next door, and i do know the price would be right but im not sure if they do parties of that size. i know they do pretty big ones, im just not sure if THAT big.

    there are SO many places in gb, but i just cant think of a place where space and $ are going to fit.

    GOOD LUCK and report back on your findings!!!

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      ps- i just thought of something, but its in sheffield. STAGECOACH has a closed in patio and its a great place. i THINK it would be in your price range, depending on what you order. sheffield isnt too far off, i would so give them a try!

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      1. Tall order given your requirements. I think Route 7 Grill is too pricey and not very good. You might try Shaker Mill Tavern in West Stockbridge; they can handle a party of your size and the price would be right. Basic, well prepared food in a very informal bar setting. Viva, in the Glendale section of Stockbridge offers Spanish food and I think they have the room to handle a party of your size at the price you are looking to pay. Each is about the same distance (or less) from Great Barrington as is Gedney Farm.
        I'm assuming the dinner would be on a weekend in the summer which makes it close to impossible for Great Barrington proper. Aegean Breeze might be able to handle you in their outdoor tent area but price may be too high for you. Barrington Brewery and Bogies can handle you but they are not very good.

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          i just thought of KOI too, chinese restaurant in GB on your way to butternut ski area ( and actually, gedney too ) definetely enough room & price would be right.