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Jan 13, 2010 11:06 PM

Please help! Birthday Dinner in Tacoma for the man.

Hello chowhounders-
I live in Los Angeles, and my boyfriend lives in Tacoma. Please help me with a restaurant. He and I are foodies, but I havent heard many amazing things from him about Tacoma restaurants. I know he loves Asado (sp?), but i want to take him somewhere he hasnt been before (he hasnt been to too many places). I was thinking El Gaucho, but I dont think he needs all the wine and dine. The search is starting to get tiresome, and i am considering just cooking something for him at his place...I am also partially open to going to Seattle (if the place is just something not to miss). We have gone to Canlis in Seattle, which was incredible, but i dont think he's particularly wanting 5 stars....something really good food, great service, and nice ambiance. Please help.....

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  1. Marzano's in Parkland (a suburb of Tacoma) offers exceptional Italian. Marzano's is family owned and make their own pastas and sauces from scratch. Having traveled to Italy, I can recommend Marzano's as amazingly authentic. (Reservations are a must even on week nights.) Second would be Maxwell's Speakeasy in downtown Tacoma.