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Jan 13, 2010 10:49 PM

Best Vietnamese/Pho Place(s) in Calgary?

Hi all,
Just wondering what everyone's recommendation for best Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary were.

Most of the time I use Sunshine Vietnamese near Canyon Meadows for take-out, and Mina's Vietnamese near Anderson if I'm staying. Mina's always has great service and food.

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  1. From Edmonton, so I don't have a wide range of experience in the Calgary pho scene. In saying that, I've had, just maybe, the best pho sate of my life at Pho Dau Bo. My visits were from a few years back, but the memories are fresh as ever. I still think about these bowls.

    1. For me, it really depends on the dish...

      For plain pho with different cuts of beef in comforting broth I like Pho Pasteur across from Harry Hays.

      For Bun Bo Hue and vietnamese crepes I like TNK (770-2220 68 Street Northeast). They give you lots of fresh herbs and lettuce for the crepes. Ingredients are fresh. I heard they are owned by the same people who had Y2K.

      For vietnamese pho beef stew with tomatoes I like Sunny's in Chinatown. I always switch to their glass noodles because I like the chewy texture and find Sunny's is one of the very few places in Calgary that offers it. The only downfall - Sunny's is open VERY limited hours.

      For sate pho I like Noodle King in the NE.

      There's also a previous thread that is quite comprehensive.

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        The Sate Pho is my new "go to" dish at Noodle King in NE. It is sooooo good!

        1. re: Merry113

          It's so creamy... dangerous. I work across the street There have been many a home-made lunch that's left uneaten because of a sudden craving for Sate Pho around 1130am.

      2. My favourite place is Trong Khanh (1115 Centre St North) for a bun bowl. I don't know exactly what it is about it but it just tastes amazing to me!

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          The sate beef pho is pretty good at Trong Khanh as well. I sometimes like their cambodian noodle soup with the clear noodles (you can ask for it with out the offal/organs). What I really like there is the minced garlic chili oil to put in my food. The garlic chili oil is house made and very addictive.

          1. re: miss.foodie

            Inspired by this thread, I decided to try Trong Khanh tonight as it's on my way home. I ordered the Sate Beef Pho with clear noodles instead of pho.

            I think my biggest mistake was getting this take out. When I got home after a 15 min drive, the noodles were clumped together. I thought it was just sticky due to starch and as with most takeouts, will be ok after I add the soup. Adding the soup made it worse, the noodles were so overcooked and mushy that it didn't resemble noodles at all and lacked the chewy texture I like in clear noodles.

            I will say the beef sate soup had good flavour... I still prefer the richness of the Noodle King sate.

            I'd try this again, maybe eating in and I would like to try their regular pho special.

            1. re: foodkarma

              Too bad that your noodles got messed up. I've tried take out from them and I found that it wasn't as good as eating there.

              1. re: Beachy1

                no worries - I'll try it again and make sure I eat at the restaurant.

        2. I like Pho Hoai (in a mall in 3rd Ave SE, in Chinatown), and I get the #1 with rare beef. The broth is so beefy.

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            Second that one! For a straight up beef soup Pho experience, Pho Hoai is absolutely amazing. Any French chef would be impressed by their broth. Clear as can be and deeply flavoured like none other of I've had.

            Mind you, for other types of Pho, I frequent other places too.

            Also, of course tastes vary and are subjective, but from a strict, objective culinary view, Pho Hoai is just good 'ol great execution of a basic recipe.

            It has been said that the simple recipes are the toughest to do well.

          2. I like the Vietnamese restaurant just off 16th and Deerfoot behind the Radisson. I don't remember the name though :)