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Jan 13, 2010 09:37 PM

Westside for eight

Looking for a fairly inexpensive (under 20 pp) restaurant for 8 co-workers in S M or Venice or West L A. Anything except Mexican or Chinese. Not too loud please

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  1. shamshiri grill on westwood blvd.
    very good persian food
    great price/quality/quantity ratios
    a real restaurant, not a dive.
    they will get testy, though, if you want to split entrees, so plan on taking food home with you.

    1. For Persian fare, I prefer Shaherzad over Shamshiri Grill.

      1. Probably not looking for Persian

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          When you say "under $20 pp" is that after tax and tip (what about drinks?)?

          Depending on your "final" budget you could consider http://www.lagrandeorangesm.com/

          Another fairly inexpensive place in SM for your group would be Fritto Misto on Colorado.

          Fritto Misto
          601 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

        2. Bossa Nova Brazilian cuisine.
          Decent-to-good, and within your price range.

          1. Criteria = Westside, under $20 p/p, seating 8 together, Not Loud, & No Mexican, Chinese (*), or Persian.

            Assumptions = Would prefer No Chains, not American (i.e. simple burger place), and something with some ambiance:

            Italian - Westwood Village - Mio Babbo ~ Their prices are not on their website; however, based on a 3 year old menu, I count 32 entrees (that all come with house soup or salad) under $15. I think they can seat 8 in the round table by the window, or they can push tables in the center together that can easily accommodate 8 (check middle picture):


            (*) accendentally put Italian origanlly.

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              I don't think "no Italian" was part of the particulars...

              1. re: Servorg

                Your are "Correct" that NO Italian wasn't part of the OP's criteria - What I ment to put down was NO Chinese.

                On the other hand - The one restaurant I recommended was Italian.

                I will edit (correct) my error.