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Jan 13, 2010 07:31 PM

Westchester place to have 14-yr-old boy's b'day dinner w/friends?

My son is turning 14 next month and we're taking him and a small group of his closest friends out to dinner in Westchester or Greenwich/Byrum area.

He's outgrown Dave & Buster's (thank God), so we're looking for some place that he and his friends would find cool or fun, some place with personality that isn't going to cost a small fortune like The Melting Pot.

Any suggestions?


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    1. tarry lodge greenwich...lolita byram..pepes yonkers..horsefeather tarrytown..brcelona greenwich thag a way cafe greenwich nessa port chester

      1. I know the boys like Buffalo Wild Wings in Port Chester. Not a cuilinary destination!

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          We just did a teenage b-day @ Fuji Mountain in Larchmont. The kids thought it was the best ever (emphasis on the KIDS).

          What about something like Aberdeen in WP for dim sum? Rue de Crepes in Harrison for crepes? Q for BBQ in Pt Chester?

          1. re: Dim Sum Diva

            How about something that is culinarily (is that a word) off the beaten track, like Peruvian? We like Chavin in Port Chester. We've brought a lot of friends with teens there and they all have loved it. There's a lot of different choices, the portions are satisfying, and it won't break the bank. (Chavin is actually in an old bank.)

        2. We went to a churascuria place for a 14th birthday last year. All the boys love it -- lots of meat! The one I went to has since closed, but I think there is one on Central Ave. It's nice for a party since it's not so formal and the kids are up and down getting stuff from the buffet, etc.

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          1. re: roxlet

            The one on Central Ave in Scarsdale has closed, but there is one in downtown Port Chester.

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              I think the boys would love it, but, unless they will give you a great price it will be well out of your price-range. I think it will cost far more than Melting Pot.

            2. echoing the vote for hibachi...(and the fact that outgrowing Dave & Busters is a WONDERFUL thing!)