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Jan 13, 2010 06:51 PM

good storebought sourkraut?

whats a good brand for canned or bottled kraut?.i want to make my own but have no time right now.any good ones out there?im in canada but the brands should be the same anywhere....mabye

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  1. I recently picked up Hengstenberg Bavarian Style Wine Sauerkraut at my local Whole Foods. It comes in a glass jar. I see amazon also sells it. I think its so much better than the stuff that comes in the green can. I am not coming up with the name of that one. I always think that one tastes like the can.

    1. I like the Gundelsheimer Barrel Kraut. It is also in a glass jar and better than any of the canned stuff.

      1. The best canned kraut I've found (and confirmed by a tasting report in the LA Times back in '82 or '83) is Frank's Quality Kraut, available by mail order from Ohio. The link is About $25 for a case of 24 cans. Delicious.

        1. Our family's go-to canned kraut was always Meeter's, from (I believe) Wisconsin. I found some when I was living in Nashville and thought it was a bit too crisp when just heated up, which is how mom did it, but it would be good braised. I usually have stuck with either the bagged refrigerated ones or some bottled ones from eastern Europe, but here in SoCal we have an excellent maker, a German immigrant from a pickle-making family named Kruegermann. I'm sure very little if any winds up outside the area, though.

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            The Times had an article about Kruegermann a while back and I went out and got some, together with some of their pickles. Pretty good kraut but a bit too sweet for my taste.

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              I've never noticed its being sweet at all, but then I've never eaten it minimally prepared. Drain it, squeeze dry, fluff it, then braise it slowly in white wine with onion and bacon and a chopped-up Granny Smith or two. And then load in the pork products. Maybe if I just heated it up and ate it with boiled potatoes and boiled Oscar Mayer weiners like Mom did...

          2. I'm no sauerkraut expert but I like the Batampte brand kraut as well as their brown mustard.