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Jan 13, 2010 06:46 PM

Steak in Amarillo

I've read through some previous posts, but there seems to be no consensus on the best place to go for a steak in Amarillo. Right now I'm looking at Country Barn (too touristy?) or Hoffbrau. Would just like a well-cooked steak, locally reared. Thanks.

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  1. There's that big steakhouse with the giant cowboy front. I've never been there, but I'm assuming they make a pretty decent steak. At least Amarillo has more of a selection than Pampa.

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      The Big Texan is the one you are speaking about. We used to stop there to eat wonderful steaks on our way to and from Colorado. We stopped there last July and it was awful. I'll never stop there again. We hadn't been through there in about 5 years because we'd been flying instead of driving. I was very disappointed.

    2. Regrettably, I am most likely late in my response, but from what I hear you saying, try the Country Barn. To my knowledge, they are the only place in town that has beef raised for them. Is a special bread of cattle, and I have had one of the steaks but been a while. Not as touristy as the Big Texan, but not as famous either.

      No one in town uses Prime beef though there is a company in town that sells local Prime beef on the internet. Good eating.

      1. How about David's Steaks and Seafood? (