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Jan 13, 2010 06:37 PM

TV dinners at Grace

We recently had a good dinner at Grace. Desserts are some of the best in the city, I'm still dreaming of their butter tart. Eye magazine has listed that Grace upstairs is now doing a TV dinner theme night. $20 gets you a retro style TV dinner and they show M*A*S*H* and other shows. It sounds kind of fun, has anyone been?

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  1. Do you get the hot pink gooey pineapple just like the Swanson dinners? If so, I'm in!

    1. I was frequenting their Thursday night BBQ's for awhile in the summer. I was addicted to their pulled pork in cocoa bread. Can't really go wrong with that. I'm gonna go tomorrow night so I will report back. I guess this is a continuation of their theme nights which so far have been really good.

      1. This place confuses me. I've been only once. Decor was really nice, but service and food was really blah. Off night? But now they serve a tv dinner? I love stuff like this, but it just makes me want to not visit Grace again.

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        1. re: stonedtoronto

          Um it's not going to be an ACTUAL TV dinner, probably going to be a meat, carb, veg, and dessert done up to look like one, right? A restaurant is not going to roll out the Swanson's.

          BBQ nights were awesome value and I bet this is too.

          1. re: childofthestorm

            Black Dice on Dundas West proudly serves Swanson dinners! They're definitely a bar and not a restaurant though.

            1. re: fluffysouffle

              Yup, I had one there when I was, um, feeling the effects of a long night. It tasted like the best thing ever.

          2. re: stonedtoronto

            Should be noted that the themed nights are held upstairs and not in the main restaurant itself. Totally separate areas. I've read mixed reviews here on the actual restaurant but I have to say that the one time I went, the service and food where great.

            1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

              We been about seven times and find it consistently good. We recently had a very mediocre meal at Colborne Lane, a restaurant which I've praised many times. There are no guarantees, do your research, see for yourself and hope its not an off night.

          3. I was there last night and it was awesome! They roasted up a 20 lb bird and served it with potatoes and corn and house-made cranberry sauce and a teeny little dessert on a tray. Nice vibe and warm atmosphere!

            1. What nights are these on? There calendar still shows December:


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              1. re: Paulustrious

                The TV Dinner nights at Grace run on Thursdays, in the upstairs bar.

                I was there this past week for the launch, and I agree with eastendpioneer that it was excellent. They'll be doing a different meal each week, each inspired by a different TV dinner - roast beef, fried chicken, Salsbury steak, etc.

                  1. re: gregclow

                    That sounds awesome! Curious, what's the cost on the tv dinner special?

                    1. re: abigllama

                      The dinner - which includes meat, veggies, potatoes/carbs and dessert - is $20.

                      For last weeks dinner, it was turkey (w/ gravy & cranberry sauce) with peas & carrots, whipped potatoes, and apple crumble. This week will probably be roast beef.

                      Oh, and they will accommodate vegetarians as well. When we were there, someone asked if they could have a veg option, and the owner Lesle arranged for them to get a serving of mushroom gnocchi from downstairs in place of the turkey (which was a score, because the gnocchi is AWESOME!).

                      1. re: gregclow

                        Sounds delicious! I'll be there this Thursday and I can't wait to try it out. Will report back. This may be a totally silly question - but are there actual TVs up there too?

                        1. re: Platoputas

                          There's one flat screen mounted beside the bar. Last week they were showing I Love Lucy DVDs, and there were some M*A*S*H DVDs in the stack as well. The sound is off, but you can watch it if you want by sitting on the couches that are across the room from it.

                        2. re: gregclow

                          That's a great deal thanks for the info!