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Jan 13, 2010 06:05 PM

Rutland VT bars and restaurants?

I will be driving up to Vermont next week for a ski trip. I am staying in Rutland and will be spending 3 nights (Thurs, Fri, Sat) there. I was wondering if anybody has any dining, drinking, or activity recommendations for that area. I am a professional chef, and my girlfriend and I eat pretty much everything so don't hold back. We'll be skiing Okemo, Killington, and Stratton. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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  1. Can't help you with the bar activities, haven't done that in years! If you are staying on the mountain, there are a ton of average places. In Mendon, just off of Route 4, is Countyman's Pleasure. Its a german restaurant and gets good reviews.

    Downtown there is a funky bar\restaurant called Little Harry's on West Street. Eclectic menu, great appetizers. It is pretty small and some people feel crowded. Table 24 on Wales Street is also good. Kind of upscale american, with mac & cheese, meat loaf and chicken pot pie to go along with steaks, chicken, fish menu.

    I'd say all of these restaurants are reasonably priced but not cheap with most of the entrees in the 15-25 dollar ranges with Countrymen's being more expensive and Little Harry's less expensive.

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      Countryman's Pleasure offers an early bird menu that includes many regular menu items at a reduced price, as long as you're seated before 6 PM. Each entree includes at least two nicely prepared veggies, and a bowl of spaetzle. Fine dining seems to be rare in Rutland, and Countryman's Pleasure is about the closest you'll get. Of note - beverages can be rather expensive. My sister, who lives in town and dines there often, tells me that she's been charged $4.50 for just a soda.

    2. I like Pizza Jerks which is in Killington, IIRC (or is it Mendon, who knows what they call it these days). :) It's not great, but at least the last time we were there, it wasn't awful either. :) As previously mentioned, Rutland isn't the best place for dining experiences.

      1. Table 24 is quite good and I wanted to add that they roast prime ribs and chicken in a wood fired oven every night. The service is great, the bar is lively and the deconstructed banana cream pie is a must.

        1. If you feel like splurging and are up for a nice night out after a day on the slopes, go for the tasting menu at Hemingway's on Route 4 on the other side of Killington