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Jan 13, 2010 05:57 PM

Boca Chinese Restaurant

Can anyone recommend a reasonably good Chinese restaurant in Boca Raton, hopefully in the vicinity of 441 and Glades. It can be somewhat casual--just a good place for two couples to go for a Saturday night dinner. We are not looking for gourmet--we know better than to expect it here. Pretty good will do. Thanks!!

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    1. re: seminole phil


      I would love it if anyone has some others. I would like to give the other couple a choice of a few if possible.

      1. I like Lucky Dragon on 441 and Hillsboro. They have really good food and specials like duck.

        1. We don't do chinese in boca. Too many disappointments. The best chinese in the area is down in Lauderhill on 441 called Silverpond. Otherwise, stick to Thai or Japanese in the Boca area. Head south a few miles on 441 and eat Korean/Japanese at Sushi Yoshi or the best Japanese in the area at Japango.

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          1. re: Raboi

            Has anyone been to Silver Pond recently? How was it? I had a Chinese friend whose family used to go there who went there for lunch one time and said it was terrible. I know they used to be frequented by many Chinese, has this changed? Are the diners mostly American?

            Jennifer in Delray

            1. re: Jennifer in Delray

              Silver Pond is as good as ever and the service is as lousy as ever. Still a great resto as is Hong Kong City.

              1. re: Alfred G

                Agree that the food is the best real Chinese food in the area ..As for the service I think that is caused by a lack of communication due to language.
                BTW there is a BBQ place about 150 feet south in the same shopping center.
                that has Chinese BBQ that rivals the best in NYC Chinatown. Take out only , but There are two very small tables that I think can be used if it is not to busy

          2. If you don't mind heading further north, The China Dumpling at 22nd Ave. and Congress in Boynton is pretty good.

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            1. re: flavrmeistr

              China Dumpling is on Boynton Beach Blvd. and Congress Avenue. You also might want to try Jasmine Chinese Restaurant on Glades Road and the Turnpike.

              1. re: Alfred G

                The west side of that intersection is 22nd Ave. Not that it really matters.

              2. re: flavrmeistr

                That is my snowbird parents' favorite Chinese in the area. When I visit in March I'll be trying it out.

                1. re: Fibber McGee

                  It's mostly about the dumplings and dim-sum type items, which are nearly impossible to find anywhere in Florida except Tropical Chinese on Bird Road in S. Miami. The other dishes are better than average, but run to the familiar Americanized offerings. They have cocktails, though.

              3. Jasmine would probably be my pick, though I haven't been there for years. It is probably the closest being near Glades and the Turnpike. But I wouldn't consider it casual.

                We like Kingsburg Chinese restaurant in Boynton (Military and Boynton Beach) and Orient Diner on Federal Highway/Linton in Delray. Both are an excellent value for good food. We've also eaten at China Dumpling in Boynton quite a few times.

                I would not recommend Gary Woo's on Federal in Boca. We ate there about 6 mos ago and they seated us at a table with a dirty table cloth and the service was kinda lousy and the food did not impress me.

                Jennifer in Delray

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                1. re: Jennifer in Delray

                  I'll have to step in to defend Gary Woo's. If you want good old Chinese comfort food, it would be my first choice. I might eat there once a month, and I've always had excellent service. Nothing cutting edge about the food, but I've yet to have anything I didn't thoroughly enjoy. If you're craving the kind of food you'd find in Chinatown in NY, you'll find it here.