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Jan 13, 2010 05:51 PM

What is the best wedding cake you've ever had?

What type of cake, filling, and frosting?

I'm leaning towards a white/vanilla cake with buttercream frosting (no fondant) and standard vanilla and chocolate fillings, but I'd love some more unique ideas.

Perhaps, flavoring one of the smaller layers with some Grand Marnier? Chocolate and orange goes great together. Bad idea for a cake?

I'm not big on fruit hunks or syrups.

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  1. Chocolate and orange is a great combo, but I've never had it in a wedding cake. You could do a white cake with orange liquer flavoring and a chocolate mousse filling.
    A white cake with "cannoli" filling is big in NYC. The filling is made from drained ricotta, powdered sugar, vanilla or rum, ground cinnamon and finely chopped chocolate. Cream cheese makes the filling more "stable." Ice it with a buttercream with similar flavoring (rum or vanilla.)
    I personally like carrot cakes, with coconut, pineapple and pecans. Ice with white chocolate/cream cheese/whipped cream icing.

    1. I had a cake from a wedding cake bakery in NYC that I thought was the best I ever had, as did many of my guests.

      My cake had layers of vanilla cake (just for structural reasons) with layers of dacquoise, chocolate ganache, and cassis buttercream (it was a very light buttercream). To die for! The bakery also offered a delicious hazelnut dacquiose and chocolate cake and cream concoction that tasted like a Ferrero Rocher. Also a pear-caramel cake that was so good I almost went for it except my husband doesn't like pears.

      1. I really dislike the combo of chocolate and orange. JMO

        I wouldn't put liquer or liquor (anything with alcohol) into a wedding cake.

        The best wedding cake I ever had was a coconut cake with chocolate syrup as an option to pour over.

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          Second the not adding alcohol to a wedding cake. A wedding tends to be a different than going out with a group of your friends as you've got a wider variety of people attending. There are those who won't/can't have alcohol for various reasons: former alcoholics, those who are on certain types of medication, pregnant guests, some parents may be uncomfortable serving it to their kids, etc.

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              The alcohol cakes that I've had aren't cakes that are made with alcohol, but with the alcohol soaked in the genoise AFTER they are baked or alcohol in the frosting/buttercream. No burning off of alcohol in those cases.

              If the alcohol is in the cake mixture before baking and is burned off, then I would guess that shouldn't be a problem.

        2. My sister Laura had a wonderful cheese cake wedding cake

          1. The best wedding cake I ever had was mine. It was a very simple carrot cake - no nuts, no raisins, just a sinfully moist carrot & spice cake. Frosting was cream cheese, no fondant anywhere. My only complaint was that I said "NO PINK" and it came with pink flowers. It tasted so good, I didn't even care.

            I am not a fan of filled cakes in general - I really do not like the fruity fillings, a little choc or vanilla is ok. I also strongly agree with the no alcohol in the cake that some other posters have suggested. There are just too many people with lots of reasons for staying clear of alcohol, and the cake can be just as good without it.