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Jan 13, 2010 04:14 PM

Delivery Options in PDX?

Hey Chowhounders-

I'm a huge fan of Portland's food scene in general and a regular to these boards, but has anyone noticed a definite lack of delivery options here? We have so many great restaurants, but sometimes I'm tied to the computer for work and can't make it out. Even the delivery basics like pizza and chinese or thai seem to be in short supply.

The few places I have seen that deliver don't look too appealing or well-reviewed. Anyplace I am missing? I'm in SE fairly close in. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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  1. This is how most people get food delivered in Portland:

    There is also this new place that does delivery by bike:

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    1. re: JillO

      Thanks Jill,

      I've used services like this before and generally I'm not a big fan. They often take quite a bit more time than a typical delivery and they cater to a lot of restaurants where the food doesn't travel well...

      I'm starting to think that this could be a big missed opportunity for some restaurants here.

      1. re: JillO

        Delivered Dish in general does an adequate job of getting the food to you. However it is buyer beware as to the quality. They do not have any way to warn you ahead of time before ordering and they direct you to Yelp, etc. to preview the food. I understand they don't want to bite the hand, but at least if I order a pair of socks off Amazon I get some warning ahead of time as to the quality. For example I ordered 2 different dishes with 2 different names and they were identical except for the protein component;. Check out the pict and tell me which is Mala Chicken and which is Hunan Pork. When I asked, I was told you take your chances. I felt so bad I tipped the driver twice.

        Delivered Dish
        1642 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

      2. Kazy - Just saw you post and was thinking about this exact problem the other day. I live on the east side and can't even find a decent pizza place that delivers. I'm on a bike and sometimes you just dont want to make the trek in the rain. You gotta figure there are a lot of others in the same situation. What's the story here?

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        1. re: PDXecutioner

          The restaurant owners here are lazy and don't want the business. Delivered Dish is bullshit. I'll gladly pay a minimum, but a service charge is just gouging.

          Delivered Dish
          1642 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

          1. re: jmikey

            It's not that they are lazy it is that they have to keep another person on staff to do deliveries and most operate at a closer margin than most folks think. Places that start doing deliveries find that they do not get enough orders to pay someone to do them, and they stop.

            And Hot Lips Pizza (there is one in SE on Hawthorne) delivers with a $20 minimum and a $3 fee. Their pizza is decent and their salads are usually pretty good (and at $2.75 for local ingredients one of the best deals in town), their sodas are very good (I love the pear), and they even sell Ruby Jewel Ice Cram sandwiches.

            Hot Lips Pizza
            2211 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

            1. re: JillO

              Jill O I still say that the locals are lazy. I hate to say it, but restaurant owners in California care more and are willing to work. I love PDX and the food here, but I hate the fact that I can't get my favorite food delivered to me. I encourage one and all to call their favorite restaurant and ask them why they don't want your money. Are Portland restaurants so much more profitable that they will give up this business.

              1. re: jmikey

                Look, I came from NYC, but this is Portland, and I don't feel that it has to be like NYC...or I would have stayed there. Portland is not California or NYC, and the culture here is different. Being able to have everything delivered to your door is not part of Portland culture.

                If it was a profitable thing for restaurants to do AND the culture here supported ordering everything to your door, I am sure you'd see plenty of delivery options. But there aren't...and just because you want it to be different, does not make it wrong.

                It's easy saying the locals are lazy, etc. but that isn't anywhere near the truth of the situation. Most folks here are fine with going to restaurants and having human contact and getting to know the chefs that cook for them and the owners and FOH folks who take care of them... Even if they can't eat it at the restaurant, most folks don't mind ordering over the phone and picking food up themselves.

                I am thinking there is plenty of laziness involved, but am also thinking it has nothing to do with "the locals."

                1. re: jmikey

                  Lol. Yeah, they're lazy because they won't bring the food to you that you're too lazy to go get yourself.

              2. re: jmikey

                I have not tried this service; however, it is a SERVICE. If they are delivering food from restaurants, then I imagine they are paying the menu price. They gotta charge something for their time and gas. Otherwise they'd be a charity, and I don't see their telethons making a lot of money.

                1. re: Dr Chow

                  my understanding is that they do not pay full menu price.....

                  I would appreciate their service a lot more if they were more straight forward with their pricing. Simply charge me a fee, and stop with dinging me several different ways in an attempt to hide how much I am actually paying for delivery.

                  1. re: nkeane

                    I would like to know more about this as I was under the impression they pay full menu prices and this was the reason the charge anywhere from $5-10 for delivery. Can you share your source?

                    As far as the timing or it taking too long, I have actually like the option where you can order ahead and pick a specific time for delivery. I have done this a couple times and they have been on time and the food fresh and hot.

                    1. re: Befuness

                      I am friends with a restaurant owner that works with Delivered dish. They give them a 10% discount, and was told it was a requirement.

              3. re: PDXecutioner

                Hometown Pizza on SE 72nd (just north of Woodstock) is a Mom 'n Pop place that delivers (otherwise is only take-out). I know the pizza zealots here on this board will likely attack me for suggesting such a "travesty" of a place, i.e. it is not A Pizza Scholls or Ken's; however, it is good pizza by my standards. Don't know their precise delivery range, however. I take out, so I don't know if and what is the delivery charge.

                Generally I don't do delivery food, so can't provide any other recommendations.

                Hometown Pizza
                5902 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, OR 97206

              4. Thanks for the responses - it's still looking like there is a dearth of delivery options in our town. As far as delivery services are concerned, my gripe isn't about the price, it's the waiting times and quality of food upon arrival. They also include some odd choices that wont travel well... I mean after an hour in the back of a truck mexican food = a soupy mess, hot sandwiches = steamed bread, and any meat with a sensitive cooking time (steak or fish), well, you get the point. I know it must be easy for these restaurants to jump on board with someone like d-dish and just consider it extra sales, but they obviously aren't thinking about the end product.

                That being said, I'm chalking up the lack of delivery options (from the usual mom and pop pizza / asian places) to a lack of demand. Like JillO mentioned, I doubt most places can employ a delivery guy unless people are actually using it. Maybe if someone did a better job in advertising their delivery capability they could gain traction. I still find it odd that I've lived in much smaller towns with many more options as far as delivery goes...

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                1. re: Kazy Ctn

                  I think PDX proper is just the right size to where there is not a critical mass to support a large number of delivery options(like say NY) and yet just compact enough to not end up like a sprawling suburb where you see a lot of delivery options based on difficulty getting to the restaurant and busy soccer moms.

                  fwiw, I find delivery to almost always hurt the food, and honestly for me its all about the food. I will just go without before eating subpar food.....

                  1. re: nkeane

                    I disagree, I used to live in Santa Cruz, a very small town with lots of delivery choices. Maybe if the the restaurants tried they could build loyally. Delivered Dish just sucks as a concept. If an Owner cared, they would do it themself. I maintain PDX owners are just lazy. I would encourage you all to call your favorite restaurant and ask them why they don't want your money. Good Luck.

                    Delivered Dish
                    1642 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

                2. Just wanted to chime in and say that for a town with such great food, the delivery options are extremely disappointing. Portland Pedal Power and Delivered Dish gouge you for delivery charges and offer a limited selection. I am a huge fan of the delivery service SeamlessWeb, which serves markets that are much smaller than Portland. Perhaps this is just another one of Portland's many quirks... no fluoride in the water and no food delivery. :-)

                  1. Still no Seamless, but there is finally one new option in Portland - it charges less than both Portland Pedal Power and Delivered Dish. It is called Delivery Dudes and charges $4. Right now it only delivers a limited selection of restaurants to NE and SE, but hopefully the company will grow - it is a franchise of a Florida company.