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Jan 13, 2010 04:01 PM

Le Creuset skillet vs. braiser/casserole?

I received a Le Creuset 12" skillet this Christmas after thoroughly enjoying last years xmas gift of the LC dutch oven. I have yet to try it out as I am debating if maybe the LC braiser/casserole wouldn't be a better choice. It seems many people on the Chow boards haven't been to happy with the LC cast iron skillets performance. I am looking for something to prepare eggs, pan sauces, and chicken dishes as a start. Any recommendations? Thank you.

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  1. I have a 9.5 inch LC skillet and a 3.5 q LC buffet casserole. If I needed to pick one, I would pick up a buffet casserole.

    The buffet casserole is the most used piece in my kitchen. I do a lot of short-time braising recipes, chickens and fishes, and this is the only one I need. However, I cannot imagin to use the buffet casserole for eggs as I use a cheap non-stick skillet for eggs.

    I was unhappy with 9.5 inch skillet at the beginning but started to like it too as it has become more and more non-stick like. However, as others already in chow mentioned before, as a skillet, bare cast iron skillet ( Like Lodge ) might be a better choice as it is more affordable and you can put it on relatively high heat.

    1. I love LC! Have a couple of Dutch ovens and a braiser/buffet casserole. I've overlooked my braiser for awhile until I discovered how useful it really is especially for dishes that start stove top to saute and brown and end up in the oven or need to add a sause to. Pork tenderloin, chicken marsala. Casseroles, shepards pie, mac n cheese, potato dishes, risotta, shrimp creole. So I'd definitly swap the grill pan for the braiser. I think you could find a grill pan you'd be satisfied with for much less $ than a LC. Agree with the previous poster, even a bare cast iron skillet would work. I have one of those that I use inside and outside on the grill to sear ahi. I've used my braiser to make egg frittatas, scrambled eggs and puffy apple pancake-like things in, but also agree that a light weight inexpensive non-stick works well for eggs and is a lot easier to handle.

      I see Sur La Table just introduced LC cast iron in an eggplant color. I need a piece in that, but I'll wait until it's no longer 'exclusive" so I can get it for less at the LC outlet!