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Jan 13, 2010 03:40 PM

Best place to buy Dried Fruit

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations of where to go to buy some reasonably priced dried fruit? Any groceries stores or specific stores come to mind? Don't mind going to get there as long as it's not too expensive.


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  1. hi
    if by "dried fruit", you mean nuts like in 'dry fruit', I suggest "adonis". good price and freshness due to the high turnover. u can ask to taste the nuts- to check the freshness, they may also have dried prunes, apricots, dates, figs/ raisens.

    also a bulk barn sorta place in Le foubourg, street level. they may also sell dried fruits like dry mango/pineapple/apple/banana slices.

    along the same area. on st catherine: many middle eastern stores that sell dry fruits, in bulk containers.
    downtown has mourlatos/ Marche P&A

    Chinatown has vacuum sealed packs of mango slices.

    ofcourse Marche JeanTalon and Marche Atwater may have

    1. Folie en Vrac on Mont-Royal is my source for fruit and nuts. I find it to be very reasonably priced. They seem to have a good turnover as well, so the stuff is normally pretty fresh.

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        I go there too, but was very peeved last time as I bought a specific amount of ground almonds for a recipe in two tubs, but when I weighed them at home I was missing 30g worth. I weighed the plastic containers, 15g each. I made the cake anyway as the batter was made and went by the next day to mention it. I explained the problem and the employée said his manager would be there the next day. Next day the almond display had moved around, the manager was very rude and insinuated I had made a mistake.
        So I go to Frenco's on St Laurant for fruit and nuts if I have the time now...

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          thanks for the recommendation. I went by there yesterday and got a few different bags of almonds, cashews and some mixed fruit. It was pretty reasonably priced as the almonds were $0.99/100g, cashews were $1.80/100g and the fruit mix I got was $1.19/100g I think.

          I also walked by another store (forget the name) but it was purely a fruit and nut store. it's on mont-royal but west of folie en vrac.

          1. re: jonny8

            Are you talking about that place Salé Sucré? I've always wondered about that place....

            Glad to be of help!

            1. re: NickMontreal

              Yes, that's what it was called. Went in and walked around the place, they have everything you could want from dried fruit to chocolate covered fruit to all types of nuts. I bought some dried apricots (about $1.19/100g if I recall correctly) and a kiwi mix with cranberries and nuts ($1.99/100g).

              Wish this stuff you could buy in bulk as I go through it so quickly.

              Have to say that the almonds I bought at folie en vrac are really good - tastes very fresh and crunchy.

        2. I recommend Sunsource (several locations in Montreal). They have a wonderful selection of dried fruit and nuts, as well as chocolate dipped (white, dark, and milk) and other snacks. They also sell amazing Iranian cookies, teas, etc. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, the selection is great, everything is super fresh, and their prices are very fair for the high quality. I also love Adonis - great prices, less of a selection of dried fruits but all good and fresh.

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            The quality is high, but I find Sunsource ridiculously expensive.

          2. I'm glad this topic has come up because I am always on the look-out for dried peaches and dried pears, and I know of only one place (Atwater Market) where I can find them. Would anyone know where else to find them?

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            1. re: dmarg

              Anatol on St-Laurent almost next door to Milano

            2. Campofiorin, you hit the nail on the head! Anatol is AMAZING, they have pretty much everything (don't remember seeing pears or peaches) and they are friendly too!

              I am not wild about folies en vrac, I find their prices and attitude to be their "folie" and I personally find it very annoying to have to buy tiny pre-packaged "en vrac". I mean, if I wanted 4 packages of something I could have just gone to the supermarket.