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Jan 13, 2010 03:26 PM

Suggestions for solid place near Scotiabank theatre for dinner with parents?

My parents are coming up from out of town this weekend and are taking my girlfriend and I out to dinner then to see Avatar at Scotiabank. Anyone have any suggestions for a good place nearby to give them a taste of the city, but one that's not obscenely expensive?

Last time they came up they winding up dragging us to the Old Spaghetti Factory... looking to avoid a repeat lol.

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  1. Tutti Matti was the first place I thought of. There's also Nota Bene, though not sure whether it would fit your definition of "obscenely expensive".

    1. Would they go for Indian? Aroma is just down the street.

      1. Queen Mother Cafe or Jules? I don't think that Jules is open on Sundays though.

        1. Peter Pan is an option. Been there forever. In fact, I was there at the beginning. However, I haven't been in a while. Still solid as far as I know, though it doesn't come up much on the board. Fairly close to Scotiabank Theatre, reasonably priced, decent food. WAAY better than Old Spaghetti Factory.

          Unfortunately, no website except for this -

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            Was at Peter Pan this evening for a meal. For us tonight it was more about the company than the food.
            They had the Winterlicious menu but we passed. we ordered 2 Butternut Squash soup, 1 Bruschetta for starters.
            Focaccia was served with balsamic and olive to get us going.
            The soup was ok and the bruschetta was an interesting mix of flavours and the bread was toasted with balsamic vinegar sprinkled over it. It was "fair" but not something to order again.
            For mains we ordered the Salmon served on a small bed of red pepper over mashed potatoes , Rigatoni and the Spaghetti.
            Nothing to write home about here as they were a bare pass.
            Dessert was bread pudding (caramel lovers will like it) and lemon lavender panacotta (lightly flavoured and not too sweet).
            4 glasses of wine and 2 Stellas.
            Cheque was $141.00 not including tip.
            The decor is odd and the resto has very high ceilings and wood floors, a throwback to the 1940's. We commented that it must have been a bank or accounting shop at one point.. lol Seating was tight and we felt like we were sitting on church benches. A nice ambiance . Somewhat uncomfortable. But this was more about the company tonight and it is what is I guess. There is something on the menu for everyone I suppose. Not upscale but more like a neighbourhood meeting place.

          2. Yes Tutti Matti seems great and is the first place I had in mind as well, just wanted to see what the other options were in the area. Nota Bene seems like a great option and I think will fit into the evenings budget. Do you know how busy either are on Friday?

            Jules also seems interesting but I can't find a menu.

            Also they are a little small-town and sadly I think will be a little apprehensive about Indian or other 'ethnic' foods.

            Thanks for the input

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            1. re: jchamberlin

              I've only been to Nota Bene once so far, for lunch (really must get there for dinner), so can't comment. I expect it's probably pretty busy and that you'd want to make reservations, especially given that you have to get to a show afterwards. I'm also not too sure about Tutti Matti, as haven't been for a while, but I expect it's probably fairly busy. Sorry can't be more help...