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Jan 13, 2010 03:20 PM

Shira Kiku, Nashua

Went to Shira Kiku tonight for the first time. It was excellent!! We were the only folks there, but they did do a few takeout orders. Hoping they get more and more business as the food was excellent and I'd like to see them be successful.

We started with a seafood pancake...yum. Our 1.5 year old especially loved it.

Both of our meals came with miso soup...they added rice to mine for the little one. Speaking of the little one, they also brought over a special plastic bear plate just for him. Such a nice touch.

For dinner I got the bulgogi...delicious and sooo much food. Hubby had a pork dish that he really like but I can't remember the name.

The also bring over 7 small dishes....beans, bean cakes, kimchi, etc. These were also excellent.

Please give it a won't be disappointed.

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  1. Where is this place? Sounds great!

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      It's off Exit 6 in Nashua. Go east for about a mile and it will be on your left.

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        When you get off at Exit 6, just head in the opposite direction of the Christmas Tree Shop/Kohl's/Home Depot. It's on the left hand side just past the Dairy Queen. Haven't tried it yet.

      2. Thanks for posting about Shira Kiku. Your post coincided with a road trip so we visited for the first time last night. It's a delightful small restaurant with very friendly service as stated. We aren't familiar with Korean cuisine so my husband was a little worried. I love all the small dishes which were a nice variety of sweet (the beans) to spicy (two kim chi dishes, one cabbage and one turnip). He avoids cabbage but liked the bok choy and broccoli dishes. I loved the seaweed salad. He liked the flavor but picked out the cucumbers to eat. Thanks to your post I chose the seafood pancake and over ruled his choice of tempura. He loved the pancake. We decided on the Pork Gui but asked for regular which came mildly spicy. I'm afraid we don't have the palates for Korean spicy. DH commented that the Pork Gui was a new flavor for us. DH always has to have a fried rice so we picked the Japanese fried rice that comes wrapped in an egg crepe. It also contained a nice amount of chopped vegetables. Although it wasn't as good as the Thai fried rice at our favorite (Asian Delight, Franklin NH) it was a close second.

        Our waitress didn't mind explaining the different dishes we were considering. She was very outgoing and making jokes with her regulars.

        I wish it were closer. I was surprised to see only a couple of other diners. We were early but even when we left it was very slow. One of the other tables were weekly regulars. It is definitely family friendly. Shira Kiku is a good example of a good restaurant that should have more diners. It's only one building back from Rt 101A but not visible unless you are on Broad St. The 99 just a short distance away is mobbed.

        If you are coming east on Rt 101A (or exit 7), you have to make a left turn onto Amherst Terrace and then another left onto Broad Street. When we left to head north we should have gone right out of the parking lot to get on the Everett Turnpike at exit 6. Broad St is 2-way but there's a no left turn sign if you try to get back on Rt 101A. Google Maps and Mapquest have different directions if you are coming from Rt 101A.

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