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Jan 13, 2010 02:57 PM

North End cappuccino

Looking for a place to enjoy a cappuccino after dinner in the North End. Can anyone comment on Cafe Vittoria? (sp)
I've had this place suggested to me. Any other options?

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  1. I like Cafe Paradiso on Hanover St; it is downstairs from Marco restaurant. They make a good cappucino. I used to go to Cafe Vittoria all the time and really liked it. Then I went a few times and had such rude service (same waitress every time) that I never went back. So now Cafe Paradiso is my spot. Have fun!

    1. The North End doesn't have the city's greatest espresso, perhaps surprisingly, but I do really like Caffe Vittoria (296 Hanover St). I think it is a great after-dinner spot.

      Good espresso, good cannoli, unique vibe and decor.

      1. There are plenty of places to get middling espresso in the North End, so you should pick more for atmosphere.
        -If you want late-night, dark alley Rome neighborhood vibe, go Paradiso.
        -If you want to watch soccer, go to Dello Sport or Paradiso.
        -If you're interested in a place with a bit more authentic bohemian vibe as opposed as to the more concocted "whattsamattayou?" italian american schtick, check out Flamepoeira.
        -If you're into the italian thing but actually want to experience the italian north end, go to any cafe before 9am.
        -If you want to be in an italian cartoon and fight for tables with tourists, go vittoria.

        1. I love going to Cafe Vittoria after dining out in the North End. Even though it's crowded, for some reason I've never had problems finding a table. The cappuccinos are good (I like how they put dusted cocoa on top instead of cinnamon), and the environment just feels so Italian - I love it.