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Jan 13, 2010 02:48 PM

Wine Girls from Napa looking for good eats and drinks

Coming to town for Boston Wine Expo next week and looking for locals recs for great pubs, restaurants, dive bars, etc. Staying at the harbor but will travel. If you're coming to the tasting, look for the Wine Sisterhood at the Thirsty Girl booth and say hi. Thx!

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  1. Silvertone
    Eastern Standard
    Troquet: for winelist and good food
    Franklin Cafe
    Craigie on Main
    Mother Cambridge
    East Coast Grill
    Best Little Restaurant - Chinatown
    #9 Park

    1. Head over to Boston's North End for excellent Italian at Prezza, excellent Seafood at Neptune Oyster and excellent Pizza at Regina's.

      1. Welcome. Close by the Wine Expo is a new pub called Barlows at 241 A Street. Fun, and a nice space.
        A short cab ride to Myers & Chang, Asian fusion.
        Sportello Restaurant on Congress Street is great, though pricey. Owned by local celeb chef Barbara Lynch, and wine list by a female somelier, Cat Silirie. You may want to check out the bar downstairs called Drink.
        Lastly, since my Dive Bar days are unfortunately over (way too old) and you are wine lovers, I would recommend stopping by Meritage at the Boston Harbor Hotel. It is on the higher end of the spectrum from Dive Bars, I know, but the chef Daniel Bruce sponsors great wine dinners there. It may be worth swinging by for a glass of wine, and from there, a short cab ride or do-able walk to the North End. The North End area is definitely worth a trip. Ditto prior rec's for Prezza and Pizza at Regina's. I think Regina's ranks up there as a must see while you are in the area.
        Based on your post, I think you would also enjoy the bar at Eastern Standard and Craigie (already mentioned).
        Would be nice for other CH's to weigh in on some great pubs in the Southie area.

        1. you want dive: go to last call at murphy's law in southie - i promise that you won't forget the experience. aslo - lucky's lounge won't be far from you, there's a nice little scene there too.

          boston bar blog:

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            Thanks BoD--just the kind of input I think they were looking for, especially since my rec's kinda went in the other direction.

          2. i have lived in boston a few(!!!!) times and often go back to visit...............
            i love this place and its kinda centrally located. it has an awesome beer list. and is not to pricey at all
            The OTHERSIDE Cafe
            407 Newbury Street
            Boston, MA 02115

            also there is a fun place up in brookline called the publick house that has fun eats and a good beerlist as well. plus as its boast "proper glass wear"
            (617) 277-2880
            1648 Beacon St
            Brookline, MA 02445

            a fun bar in cambridge that is in no way a diver but has things like pbr in a can and is staffed by regular dive bar attendants and is on mass ave which leads from one end of the city to the other so it makes it an easy place to pop in

            and if you go there right around the way is a cambridge staple miracle of science an M.I.T. burger joint

            hope these work out for you, i love playing tour guide!
            lets us know where you go!

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              oh yeah one more thing there is tons of great Pho in boston and in china town which is awaly fun to walk around in. and on cold new england days a piping hot blow of the stuff might be just what you need for lunch