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Help Please: Need Deli Recommendation

Husband is home sick and needs matzo ball soup for dinner and wants corned beef too. We live near Beverlywood. Which is best: Junior's, Label's Table or Nate and Al. Only one I've had is Junior's. Thanks!

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  1. You're really close to Factors on Pico near Doheny - that would be my choice.

    1. Nate & Al's. Good matzo ball soup, good corned beef.

      1. I like Nate and Al's the best. Factor's has gone a little down hill for me lately.

        1. Thx. Was just going to edit to add Factor's. They are probably the closest.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  Nate'n al's will also do a Chicken in the pot. You can ask for breast only, but it is loaded with chicken, broth, matzo balls and noodles. So good

                  1. This comes too late, but the matzoh ball at Junior's is the best. I'd go to the other places for anything and everything else, but when it comes to MBS, Junior's is it.

                    1. NATE N' Al - no question

                      1. Just make the drive to Brent's!