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Jan 13, 2010 02:05 PM

Favorite Store-Bought Ravioli?

Hi all,
Can you recommend any tasty already-made ravioli products?

Looking for meat or vegetable fillings.
Not looking for cheese ravioli!!!
Cheese can be a component - just not the main thing. I've got ricotta haters at home.
Also not looking for dumplings, gyoza, pierogies, vareniki, etc.

I've tried and liked Contadina/Buitoni Chicken/Prosciutto and Beef (hard to find), and not liked their Sausage (too sweet - they add raisins I think).

I've tried and not liked Rosetti Beef and Chicken/Herb (no discernible meat flavor).

Much thanks.

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  1. i haven't found a national brand with any flavor -- including buitoni and rosetti.
    i'm anxious to hear of a good one, too.

    1. If you're living in the northeastern US you might try to score Landolfi. Used to get it when I lived in NJ, and it's the best store-bought rav I've ever eaten.

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      1. I have enjoyed the Divine pasta company...but they maybe only in my area. Maybe they do mail order

        1. Try your local Italian Markets, the one near me makes ravioli fresh and you can custom order / tweak your fillings if you want to.

          1. Corti Brothers. You can order online.

            Just browsing the site...we buy it at Christmas time so maybe it is seasonal?