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Jan 13, 2010 01:55 PM

Ordering strategy at Lers Ros?

So went there recently and ordered dishes that I like at Champa and Thai House, e.g. braised pork leg, fried rice with thai sausage, and also ordered the boar with basil and garlic, and green curry. All the dishes seemed flat, e.g. watery broth in the pork leg which was also lacking salt. The fried rice seemed a bit bland and needed chiles and garlic. The curry was outstanding and the boar good but not great. The curry shows they can cook so the question is what dishes are they really good out. The menu is so big that we were overwhelmed. I have read posts but it is hard to find a pattern from them on what are CH's favorites.

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  1. When I eat there, I always ask for two things:
    1) my food to be cooked Thai style with real fish sauce and the right level of spice. If you haven't been to Thailand, lie and tell them you have anyway and that you loved the food there.
    2) a dish of diced chili in fish sauce

    Typically, I don't need the thai chili in fish sauce to doctor my food at Lers Ros, as they understand I am serious and prepare it with full flavored but balanced seasoning, but it's just the type of thing that would fix the pork leg that lacked salt and umami in the broth. There is nothing more frustrating than the waiter at Thai House Express who saw how much chili flake I was adding to everything and said, "Wow, you actually do like spicy." I said to myself, "no shoot, sherlock. That's why I asked for my food to be prepared Thai spicy, not flavorless."

    I always love the northern grilled sausage, the curries, any of the fresh green peppercorn stir fries, and the fried trout. We don't order the noodles much, and have never ordered fried rice. The menu is divided into sections that I think about in the following way:
    Appetizers: some safe white person food, some gems
    The next sections of the menu: generally Americanized Thai dishes that I'm sure will be fine but aren't the strengths (anything under rice plates, a protein heading like pork or seafood)
    Curries: haven't had a clunker yet
    House Specialties: this is where I am pleasantly surprised by unusual dishes. Always very good to great.

    They do sprinkle "house special" or "specialty" here and there on the menu, and it seems to be reliable. Pork entrail soup with house special broth had amazing broth with rich flavor and perfect clarity. The sliced kidneys were good, the sliced intestines were a bit much for me to have more than a half dozen pieces, and the aroma was what you would expect for a pork entrail soup, but all in all it was a well-executed dish that I was glad I ordered.