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Jan 13, 2010 01:48 PM

Ethnic restaurants in Fort Worth

We are going to be in the Dallas/Ft Worth area for a long weekend next month. We'd love to find good ethnic restaurants, particularly Mexican or Indian. I know we are going to the Ft Worth zoo but nothing else is set yet.


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  1. Where are you coming from? Are you looking for Tex-Mex or more authentic Mexican?

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      Authentic Mexican - my hubby is from Mexico & there aren't any true Mexican restaurants in Mobile,AL where we live so we are HOPING to find some on our trip

    2. Although not Mexican or Indian, Nonna Tata is a place that you can't miss in Ft Worth. I know of multiple people, including myself, that take road trips from Houston just to go there. The menu changes daily & the chef is an Italian grandmother cooking her own "home-food". It's bring your own wine & cash only. You also have to get there early or you will not get a seat.

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      1. re: diego90per

        I whole-heatedly second Nonna Tata, but be aware that their hours are limited to Tues - Fri and seating comes with a wait unless you're one of the first in line when they open the doors.. There are only about 6 tables (4 seaters) that are bar height, so seats are backless wooden stools - ie, if there are small children, this may not be a great option. On a good weather day, they do have another 4-ish tables outside.

        But all of that negativity aside - the food is outstanding from the bread (focaccia) to the salad to the entrees (many of the pastas are handmade on premise) to the decadently rich desserts. I've read that the anti-pasta plates are exceptional, but haven't tried them.

      2. I like King Tut for middle eastern.

        1. Mexican is Ethinic in Texas?

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          1. My absolute favorite Indian place is Bombay Indian Grill It's pretty close to the FW Zoo, so it'll be convenient too.