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Jan 13, 2010 01:36 PM

Southeastern CT Maine Shrimp Truck

Does anyone know what happened to the Maine Shrimp Truck (Andy's Seafood) that used to come down from Maine on Friday's (Rt 12 Ledyard) & Sundays (Rt 165 Voluntown)? Have there been any Maine Shrimp Trucks seen in SE CT??

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  1. I have not seen any Maine shrimp trucks, but I have seen Maine shrimp at Whole Foods for like $4 a pound. I hope they didn't buy enough to knock out the smaller operators.

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      Sounds like there should be plenty to go around this year, in fact the season was extended: It's partially the supply that's keeping prices so low.

    2. Pemaquid is bringing in fresh Maine shrimp, head on, to the Indoor Winter Farmers' Market in Norwalk on Saturdays from 10-2 and Naugatuck on Fridays.