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Jan 13, 2010 01:08 PM

Birthday girl wants to wow her guests

Hey All!
So my birthday is coming up and i'd like to have a nice dinner out with about 15 of my friends. What I need help with is the fact that the majority of my guests absolutely HATE to venture out of Laval to eat, and consider trekking more than 5 minutes away for a meal to be a burden.
Well, the good news is that its MY birthday and I get to choose....I need to prove to them that good meals are worth the trek, and there's so much out there to discover.
So, any suggestions in about a mid-price range? Open to all cusines and neighborhoods.
Thanks :)

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  1. Your ages? Interests? things you like and others that you don't? What type of food do you guys usually eat and would you stick to that or try to get something else?

    1. You could try Le St-Urbain, it's in the north of the city (Fleury) hence closer to Laval...

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        They were featured on the show of Guide resto Voir and it looked very good, but then again every place they do a piece on looks inviting.

      2. Are you interested in Afghan cuisine? Khyber Pass in Laval may be a good fit for the adventurous b-day girl and the friends that don't want to venture outside of Laval.

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          I second Khyber...or in centropolis MOZZA Pizza was great when I got pizza there, nice thin crust and calamaris....mmmm. Or Daou on Marcel Laurin, I haven`t been yet but everyone seems to rave about it for crazy good Lebanese.

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            Are they connected with Khyber Pass on the Plateau (which I like)?

          2. We're all in our twenties. As 95% of my guests are Italian, you can be sure that I dont want an Italian restaurant. The thing is, i'd like to stray away from Laval and introduce them all to something anywhere in Montreal is good!

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              Since the food is the focus of the event i would suggest looking at one of the restos that got tons of excitement this year. eg: cuisine sechuan or quing hua. Go to the first if they are adventurous the second if they don't like spice but make sure to let them know you're comming, it's a small place:)

              Or, i would try and pick another well loved restaurent that is either ethnic (some Indian restaurents have big numbers of fans here) or has a very lively party like vibe if that's your cup of tea. I personally would think in terms of what is my favorite type of food: (thai) then i would try to figure out what the best thai place in montreal is and try to get the table to agree to order tons of food that we all share rather than having each person have an individual plate. Then next time when you say i heard about this little place that people are saying is pretty good hopefully they will be more likely to go with you.

              1. re: chefjeannine

                How about Leméac? Good, not awefully expensive and set in the trendy Outremont neighborhood.

                1. re: Campofiorin

                  Hmmm....Lemeac sounds like a great option! Can you recommend any of the dishes?

                  1. re: chefjeannine

                    The short ribs, but most anything is spot on.

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                  Since you're all in your twenties, I would recommend somewhere that offers both good food and fun atmosphere. Macaroni Bar on St-Laurent (just south of Mont-Royal) is hopping - the food is Italian I guess which is not your first choice but the atmosphere is great and the food is yummy and not crazy expensive. Also I think they are good at accommodating large groups.

                3. I'd suggest Bar&Boeuf :

                  Great place for a birthday (the restaurant itself and the Old Montreal) and the food is amazing !

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