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Jan 13, 2010 01:01 PM

Twist, Alex, Bar Charlie, Guy Savoy Bubbles Bar

I am having trouble choosing my "pricey" dinners. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm going next weekend and can only afford two of these at most but may only settle on one. And I do have to say that I'm leaning towards Twist as one of my choices seeing as the prices are about half of that at his Paris restaurant.

Does Alex still offer the Taste of Wynn menu and if so, is it even worth it in terms of taste and quality compared to the prixe fixe?

At Bar Charlie, can two people share the $250 14-course? If not, I'd probably settle on the 5-course due to money constraints.

Guy Savoy Bubbles Bar was to try out the 4 dishes for $40, anyone been and can comment on the sizes of the servings?

I care about quality food and not so much about the extravagant decor (although nice) that some of these restos have. Which one or two should I choose? Thank you.

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  1. We ate at Bubble Bar in October and thought it was a great deal for the quality of food you are receiving, portions were generous as well. Just sampled a few items because it was our pre-dinner stop but would return on our next trip. The bread was also very yummy! The Champagne was what was expensive

    1. The 14-course at BC is per person. It's worth every penny though. It's a unique experience that I have not had anywhere else.

      The Taste of Wynn at Alex is superb. The choices are more limited than the prix fix, but you still receive the 5-star treatment which one would expect at a restaurant of that caliber.

      For value and high quality, I'd suggest L'atelier. They have a seasonal 5-course tasting menu for around $75 which I was quite happy with and has been positively reviewed on this site.

      I've not been to Bubble Bar but have dined in the main dining room at GS twice. The food is of the highest quality and I've never left anything less than full. I imagine they'll take care of you similarly at BB.

      1. Someone reported (not long ago) getting Bar Charlie to split a 20-course between 2 diners. Sounds like a lot of fun.

        1. You should ask Bar Charlie if they will allow you to split the dinner. This summer my wife and I were permitted to do just that. Keep in mind, at that time, they were basically empty. Things may have changed. You can see my reaction to a couple dinners there in July in this thread:

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            Was that the 14-course that you had split and did they request that you order any additional dishes on top of that?

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              14 course without any supplements. We did have several drinks throughout the meal however.

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                Thank you for the post. I am definitely going to see if they are able to do the same when I go next weekend. .