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Jan 13, 2010 01:00 PM

Yorkville lunch: good, and not a million dollars

Hi all,

Looking for a spot for a nice lunch on Friday. Not looking for a marathon meal, but something simple, well made and not going to require me to mortgage my place. Anywhere from Bloor and Jarvis and Bloor and St George. Don't want to have to travel too much.


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  1. Gallery Grill at Hart House
    Coffee Mill (a mostly Hungarian menu)
    Jacques Bistro du Parc

    1. Asuka (Japanese)
      Le Pain Quotidien (french country)

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      1. re: meld_la

        god, I love ALL of TorontoJo's suggestions. I'm going to add Caren's.

        eta: crap, I hate it when I click on the wrong "reply". This was meant for the OP.

        1. re: JamieK

          Ooh, I *almost* put Caren's on the list! I was thinking that it's just a touch pricier than the others, but on reflection, probably not. Also, my love for Caren's is primarily in the warm weather because of their fabulous patio.

          1. re: TorontoJo

            good point. I just did a quick comparison and Carens is pricier than Gallery Grill and Coffee Mill. It's more in alignment with Jacques, but pricier on some items and lower on others. The omelettes are more at Jacques, but Carens only serves an omelette at brunch. In any event, if I were going to have an omelette for lunch, it would be Jacques for sure.

      2. What TorontoJo and Jamie K said... although if you want something a little more casual Espresso Bar Mercurio is a nice lunch option, Pho Hung is one of my standard cheap and cheerful picks, and the New Yorker Deli is a standby for soups, salads, and sandwiches done right.

        1. Some good recommendations. I'm still a fan of the octopus at Cafe Nervosa, and the pizza is tasty. Actually most things I've had at Nervosa have been good.

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          1. re: dubchild

            another option is Mela Italian Vegetarian Cafe which is at 7a Yorkville Ave. It's across the street from Le Pain Quotidien

            1. re: Eatertainer

              Oh yes, Mela is a good choice. Although they have limited options, it's very tasty and healthy (whole grains, veggie laden pastas, etc).

              There's also Utsav (Indian) on the south side of Yorkville Ave west of Bay.

          2. There are a bunch of nice lunch spots along the corridor you're interested in, though it will depend on how far you're willing to stray from Bloor.

            If price is the major concern, there are plenty of places south of Bloor on or near Yonge that have great lunch specials. The ones I most often visit are Bonga Buldak (blazing fire chicken + fried rice, because I like spicy korean food with novel, mistranslated names) and Toyko Sushi (next to Sutton Place). There are lots of Japanese/Korean places in the area, but it can be really hit and miss. A lighter meal at Crepes a GoGo is also a good option if you want to eat and run.

            At the next price point, I usually stop at MBCO or at L'Espresso Bar Mercurio (St. George, for paninis). For tasty, interesting food that won't break the bank, try Fire on the East (Gloucester east of Yonge, sandwichs and mains < $15). I also enjoy Michelle's Brasserie (tapas specials).

            If you're willing to spend a bit more and have some time, consider going for afternoon tea at C5 (ROM).