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Jan 13, 2010 12:52 PM

Welcome back Marjorie!

Fans of Marjorie, Donna Moodie's terrfic Belltown restaurant that closed in September '08 after losing her lease, can rejoice: Donna posted on Marjorie's Facebook page that she has signed a lease for a new location on Capital Hill at 1412 E. Union St. No word yet as to when it will open or whether any of her old employees will be a part of this. But this is great news nevertheless.

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  1. This IS great news. Especially if Donna can re-create the incredibly cozy atmosphere that made the Belltown restaurant so much more than a place to eat.

    1. Excellent news. Donna had one of the most comfortable restaurants in Seattle. Great food, good service and always a great time.

      1. Wake me up when it's actually open. A lot can happen between signing a lease and serving your first customer.

        I have missed Marjorie's cocktails and especially their bread pudding.

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          According to the internet today (and you know the internet can never lie) Marjorie is one of THE places to eat in seattle right now.

          1. re: Brunhilde

            Hmmmm. I've only been to Majorie (run by Harvest Vine alumni) once. I found the quality very inconsistent, and even the best of the dishes didn't persuade me to come back here again.