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Jan 13, 2010 12:51 PM

Need a fun lunch place in PHL for an 8 yr old

Looking for some recs for a fun lunch place to take my 8 year old niece for her birthday this Saturday.

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  1. Jones, 7th and Chestnut. Also, I often recommend the Continental or Continental Midtown, which I think is great for kids and have taken kids to in the past, but the idea is sometimes scoffed at on this board.

    If she is more adventurous, perhaps somewhere in Chinatown?

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      Truly depends on the child.

      I used to do theme Saturdays with my niece when she was about that age. One time we saw "To Kill a Mockingbird" and then went to a casual Mexican restaurant. <ouch> Another time we saw "My Fair Lady" and had high tea at the Park-Hyatt.

      Rangoon was another hot spot for us.

    2. Don't know how good the chow is, but they might enjoy Max Brenner on 15th St which has a Willy Wonka vibe going on. They have a normal lunch menu in addition to all the desserts.

      I agree that Jones is a good idea. El Vez would be fun, too (for lunch--don't take a kid there for dinner). Both places have great atmosphere that would keep a kid entertained. El Vez has a photo booth, too.

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      1. re: barryg

        I second Max Brenner. It's an 8 year old's dream.

      2. Melting pot- as long as the kid likes veggies and things- fondue is fun - chocolate fondue deserts even funner. at lunch the staff should be relaxed and keep it light

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          Like it or not, the more casual Starr spots are quite kid-friendly and accommodating. We've had great experiences at Jones, Continental, and Stella Pizza.