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Jan 13, 2010 12:45 PM

Dinner Friday 1/22 in Chicago: where oh where?

I will be in visiting for work on Friday and staying over on Friday night. A few of us are going out to dinner and have no idea where to begin to decide. We are staying at the Westin Chicago River North and will likely go to Japonais for drinks after dinner and then to a club or just out for more drinks at another bar. We're single and in our mid 30's and looking for a place to eat where the food is great, the atmosphere is good (no dives) and hip-ish, and the people are around our age or older (i.e., no fresh-out-of-college crowd). As far as price, entrees in the $20-$30 range (or less) fits the bill. Thanks for any help. I am jealous of Chicago's food scene and can't wait to experience it!

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  1. Here are two recommendations that are exactly what you're looking for, excellent food and very lively with a youngish crowd.

    Sunda serves pan-Asian cuisine and is a few blocks from your hotel.

    Nacional 27 serves Latin fusion cuisine; it's not as close to your hotel but it's only a few blocks from Japonais, where you're going after dinner.

    Both places accept reservations on

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      Excellent, thank you! We're fine if the places aren't close to the hotel.

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        Then here are a couple more recommendations. Both are about a mile west of the hotel, about a mile south of Japonais, in the area known as the West Loop.

        Red Light serves pan-Asian cuisine.

        Carnivale serves Latin fusion cuisine.

        The previous two are good too. Lots of choices here in Chicago!

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          Thank you! The last time i was in chi-town we went to Carnivale and loved it. So these recommendations are right up my alley.

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